I want to be a vet when I grow up

What career did you choose??

The career that I choose was a vet because I love to work with animals they are so cute and I love helping animals in need just to see the way they act when they get all cleaned up and I also want this job because I can make people and their pets happy

What does a person with this job do??

The vet helps animals in need and can make them happy also can make their owners happy and make me happy knowing I helped save a animals life
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What kind of education do you need for this job??

The education you need is to go to school and also practice saving a animal from a storm or sewer or also help the animal from abuse

Approximately how much money can a vet make??

The amount of money would be $91,250 per year and that's a lot of money but the normal amount or average per day would be $5,048

How many of these jobs are in the United States??

The amount of vets to take care of animals is 21.8 million in the United States

What is the future for this job? Will it become more or less popular? Why?

Yes the vets will be more popular in the future because sometimes animals have bad living conditions and need help to get better and get away from the problem

What are jobs similar to this one??

There is only one job that are similar to a vet and that one is a doctor because just like a vet a doctor helps people instead of animals a doctor can fix us give us medication and so can a vet instead of humans a vet works with animals
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A vet

A vet is like a hero to animals and I would love to help and care for any animal big or small I will make it all better and care for it.