Appearances don't matter (Barker)


Analysis of development of theme

Freak and Max have differences about them because they have problems with their body's, Freak is very small, and Max is a very tall person. But they are great people and friends later on, so I think that appearances don't matter. Freak and Max don't care what they look like, they only care about themselves and the others they love. Don't Judge on what they look like, instead be their friends and make them feel wanted.

Max is very caring to freak, when freak is in the hospital Max has many feeling for freak. He is sad, scared, worried and he gets to be were he won't come out of his room. Freak is Max's friend and family a bit and Freak thinks so too. Freak cares for Max as well, he stands up for him, fights to save him and most of all tells him what to do. Freak and Max are amazing friends and they love going on adventures together.

Reflection and Application of theme

My reaction to this is that it doesn't matter what you look like. The way it matters to me means to not feel like you look ugly or weird, but to think that you are special to have that look about you. I think that was what the author taught us and that to not look as yourself as ugly, but to look to yourself as a special person just the way you are and everything about you. I hope that everyone thinks their special otherwise they would be sad and lonely, instead think about special things that have happened to you and know you are very special.

Visual representation of theme

Freak the Mighty

By: Rodman philbrick

Freak and Max are two people who became good friends, freak is small but very smart, Max is very tall and doesn't know much. They go on exciting adventures quests and get into trouble on the way. This book is very interesting and exciting for reader who loves that kind of stuff. Freak always carry's a dictionary too, he pulls it out for Max and others to read a word that he wants them to look up. Freak is very funny and Max loves seeing him laugh and be funny, Max loves to have someone around to do something with. This book is amaxing and great, and has some mysteries.