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Welcome Message from - Matt Trahan - Head Coach

Welcome to Old Colony Cougar Boys' Basketball,

I am excited and honored to welcome you to Old Colony Boys' Basketball. I am honored to lead the program and look forward to getting the ball rolling. I am optimistic that there are great things ahead for boys' basketball at Old Colony High School. I have been blessed to have been coaching basketball (and several other sports) for the past twenty years. I have a strong passion for the game of basketball as well as helping young men learn the fundamentals. I tell my players I want them to be good at five things:

1) Shooting 2) Dribbling 3) Passing 4) Rebounding 5)DEFENSE!!

It is going to take the coaches, players, parents, administration, and the community to be working together to take our program to the level of success where we ultimately want to be. We are not going to get there without hard work and dedication. I am expecting our young men to be committed, respectful, hard-working, disciplined, and young men of character. I also expect those same qualities from our coaching staff. I want people to know that there is a high standard of excellence at Old Colony. We have every intention to help your son become a better basketball player, a better student and - most of all - a better person. We intend to continue to build that relationship between Old Colony Basketball and your entire family not only through your son's high school years, but also beyond graduation and into college, workforce, or military. We will strive to compete on the court, succeed in the classroom, and carry ourselves in a positive manner throughout the community. We are building this program one day at a time. Remember that the tradition starts today! Everything we do in this program

- practice, fundraising, and community service

- is with the intention to improve the quality of teams, both as a whole and the individuals involved.

We are looking forward to a great season on and off the court, and we're thrilled that you are going to be a part of it! GO COUGARS!!


Matthew J. Trahan

Director of Athletics

Head Coach - Boys Basketball


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Team Rules

Team Expectations:

All Cougar Athletes are expected to:

  • Acknowledge that playing on this team is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

  • Every player expected to attend EVERY scheduled practice, scrimmage, game (including Freshmen and Junior Varsity games), and all other team related activities.

  • 100% effort every day during practices and games.

  • Work, and play hard every day to improve as individuals, and as a team.

  • Respect all coaches, teachers, peers, and especially teammates. Failure to be respectful will result in IMMEDIATE removal from the team. Disrespect will NOT be tolerated!

  • Be dressed, on time, and ready for every scheduled practice, game, and team activities. Learn and execute what is taught. This includes taking notes during meetings, studying plays and strategies and being prepared for every game.

  • Be supportive and encourage every teammate.

Team Rules

  1. Cougar Athletes will conduct themselves and treat others with the utmost respect. Any behavior that is considered disrespectful or inappropriate may will result in a one (1) or more game(s) suspension. Represent Old Colony High School, the team, and yourselves with dignity and respect, both on and off the court.

  2. Cougar Athletes will maintain respectable grades in ALL classes (C or better) and treat all teachers and staff with respect.

  3. Cougar Athletes will be dedicated to the team's goals and present a positive attitude that will not hinder the progress of the team.

  4. Cougar Athletes will strive to improve as individuals on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.

  5. Foul language and negative attitudes will not be tolerated.

  6. No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol use will be tolerated. Use of any of these will result in your immediate dismissal from the team.


All practices are CLOSED practices.

You are REQUIRED to wear a shirt and tie the day of a home or away game.

You MUST attend all practices.

If you have to miss a practice due to funeral or doctor's appointment, let us know in advance. You are required to present the doctors not the following day. Unexcused absences are NOT acceptable and will result in removal from the team

No jewelry may be worn during practices or games.

Practice jerseys are REQUIRED to be worn every practice.

You MUST maintain academic eligibility during the season

Detentions and discipline issues are NOT acceptable and will result in loss of playing time.

You MUST have a ride to drop you off and pick you up before and after games and practices.

Do not make your coach stay after!

Attitudes and negativity will NOT be tolerated

Study Hall

At certain times during the season, players will be required to attend supervised study halls with a coach. These also, provide an excellent opportunity to make-up work and/or get extra help within the framework of the busy season schedule.

Study Halls are considered part of practice, and attendance shall be treated as such.

Miscellaneous Policy

Students are responsible for all issued items (jerseys, warm-ups, etc.) until their return to a coach. Students will be responsible for cost of replacing lost items.

Participants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Students involved in another sport are asked to come only when that sport's season is completed.

Athletic Website

Please use: as a resource for updates, schedules, contact information, messaging and so much more!
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Please remember that face-covering are required at all Old Colony home athletic events this season. Thank you for your assistance in helping keep everyone safe.

Old Colony COVID 19

Dear Winter Student-Athletes, Families & Spectators,

This Athletic Department communication is intended to clarify the expectations around mask-wearing this winter season for our student-athletes, families, and spectators/fans.

In compliance with DESE and MIA policy (see below), and in an effort to keep our student-athletes, families, and spectators healthy and safe, masks must be worn at all times by student-athletes, coaches, spectators, and all others in attendance at indoor athletic events, venues, practices, team activities, changing rooms and bus transportation.

MIAA Statement = November 23. 2021

As of this date in November, we are providing direction regarding masking guidelines for the winter season. This information is consistent with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education DESE), and set forth by the Commissioner of Education.

In order to maximize full participation in winter sports, we will begin the winter season with the same guidelines that we utilized this fall: Student-athletes, coaches, and officials that are indoors shall be masked. These are minimum required State safety standards that remain consistent with the practices that take place during the school day.

While masking guidelines may vary at off-campus facilities and venues, please treat practices and competitions as school events and adhere to the above guideline. Further, be respectful to the policies and expectations set forth in school districts and local communities and continue the practice of communicating with member schools that may or may not have reached the 80% vaccination threshold.

DESE has set a January 15, 2022 date to assess masking guidelines.

Through our work with State officials, and monitoring vaccination rates and COVID rates, we will take into consideration MIA committee votes and push for a transition to unmasking during athletic completion within the winter season.

Old Colony Athletics fully appreciates the challenges associated with competing in interscholastic athletics while masked. Further, we understand that our student-athletes thrive off of the social aspect of communicating with their teammates and coaches while being able to see their full faces. Still, we are fully committed to following all DESE, MIA, and DPS safety protocols in an effort to keep our community safe and healthy.

Our coaches and athletic staff cannot be alone in establishing 100% compliance. Your partnership is essential…we need your help!


Old Colony Athletics respectfully asks that all winter sports families discuss the importance of proper mask-wearing with your individual student-athlete,

Please be appropriately masked (covering nose and mouth) when attending Old Colony athletic events, both home and away, regardless of the venue.

Please be respectful to Old Colony by not putting the athletic department in a position where they need to continually address non-mask compliance during sports events,


Proper mask-wearing means the mask is covering the nose and mouth.

Please show our coach respect by not putting them in a position of repeatedly

telling you to put on and/or fix your mask.

Remember that every time the coach needs to correct mask-wearing, they are not able to focus attention on the role of coaching.

Have multiple backup masks in your athletic bag. Old Colony has masks in emergency situations.

The most successful teams and student-athletes focus their effort and attention on "controlling the controllable".….mask compliance is something we can all control!

Moving forward, Old Colony Athletics will communicate any updates or changes in the current masking policy if and/or when DESE and MIA announce them.

Thanks for your continued support of our athletic program and we look forward to a great winter season!


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