male vs. females management styles

Brittany Dekker

male vs. female managment styles

  1. Many people believe that men have more control and they are better at being "the boss". The women on the other hand work as a team and don't work above the employees but along the side of them. Women are considered to be weak and have no control over their employees.
  2. Women are said to have fewer formal rules and policies because stereotypically they are the one who pick favorites; therefore, they will be lenient with that particular person. They are also considered to be lazier and weaker then men.
  3. The men view themselves as "the boss" and the people will always do what they say to do. men also want to be thought as above their employees . While the women work as a team and don't want to be thought of above their employees so they work along the side and the company then has good communication skills and employees feel comfortable with each other.
  4. There could be conflict, many people look down upon women because they are thought to be weak and supposed to have management skills. So women will not be put in high positions because of all the stereotyping.