The Spit Fire

Sept 28, 2015

iOS 9.0 Update

During this week, the system will allow all iPads to update to iOS 9.0. This will also mean that many apps will need to updated. Students and staff should regularly check self service to update apps. Keep in mind that the iPads only have so much memory so students should be mindful about downloading apps that they need. If a machine begins to approach the memory limits for their iPad, then apps which are no longer needed should be deleted.

Requested APPS / PAGES, KEYNOTES, NUMBERS, & iMOVIE Availability

Thank you for your patience while the RSS Technology Department worked through the issues associated with creating a RSS App Store. Requested Apps should begin to show up this week for the iPads. Please check daily to see if your favorite Apps have been added to the RSS App Store. Additionally this week, Pages, Numbers, Keynotes, and iMovie should begin to roll out in the App Store as well.

A personal thank you as I know that many of you have adjusted and readjusted lesson plans since your preferred APPS were not available. I know that this was a tremendous challenge and appreciate your flexibility.

Update on iPad Deployment / Daily Check Outs

Currently we have less than 5 students in the school who have not yet been assigned iPads. Most of these are students newly enrolled to our school. Should we have missed any students who do not yet have iPads, let me know immediately so I can issue these iPads.

Mrs. Deal has graciously agreed to be in charge of daily check outs of iPads this year and I am very appreciative to her for this. She is very thorough and makes sure that all iPads are accounted for each day. Students who are daily iPad users should report to the ISS Room (Room 131-A) prior to 7:25 AM each day to sign out their iPads. Students should return their iPads each day beginning at 2:15 PM. It is each student's responsibility to sign out/in the iPads each day. A big thank you to Mrs. Deal for coordinating iPad daily check out.

Room Inventory & Needs

Now that iPad deployment is basically complete, I will begin to focus on the computer needs in your rooms. Late this week, I will send out a google form for you to complete with needs for your classrooms. Included in this will items such as projector issues, activ board issues, and printers. Be sure to complete the form by the specified deadline so I can prioritize our needs and move toward solutions.

Student iPad HelpDesk Tickets

Currently I have about 20 iPad HelpDesk Tickets to process. I hope to have these completed by the middle of this week. PLEASE DO NOT SEND STUDENTS DIRECTLY TO ME WITHOUT COMPLETING A HELPDESK TICKETS. I know that there are some emergency situations but I need this HelpDesk Tickets submitted. If you have an emergency situation, please have the student submit the HelpDesk Ticket and then call me. If I am able to see the student, I will. However, there are times when I may not be able to immediately see the student. I want to maximize your learning time and this process helps me to do this.

HelpDesk tickets can be found on the main China Grove Middle School website -

Discovery Education Benchmark Testing

Please have your students log into Discovery Education so we can diagnose any log in issues before we begin DE benchmark testing on Tuesday.

Technology Professional Development

Technology professional development has already started with the Schoology Class titled "Red Devil Tech Development." If you have not yet signed up for this class, please do so. The code is 2W5M4-M7XJS. There is currently 1 assignment in this course that is a discussion board. Please complete this assignment by this Friday, Oct 3, 2015.

Face to face technology professional development will begin in October. I will send out a google form for you to list your needs and ideas for technology professional development late this week.

FIND My iPad

We have had several students visit about lost iPads. You can actually have the student log into iCloud ( and have them choose the option to "find my iPad." To see how to do this, here is a video that shows you how to find my iPad -

Highlights of Harlem Wizards PTA Fundraiser

To see highlights of the Harlem Wizards PTA Fundraiser, check out this animoto below. A big thank you to Sally Ervin-Mabry for providing many of the pictures that are included in the highlights -

Smore Flyers - Sale for $39

Several of you have inquired about the program that I use for my flyers. It is Smore ( For a limited time, Smore is offering a discounted special for teacher of $39 per year. This is a great savings. If you are interested, please see me. Smore offers a free versions with some limitations as well.