Beers Law Lab

Lab Results By: Hunter Neuman


Aunt Elda died because she had to much Anesthetic, she died on the table. So we did this lab to find out how much the colorimeter absorbed light to see how much concentration that was in the solution, to find out if it was to much Anesthetics that killed her or what did. Aunt Elda is the highest concentration of Anesthetics that can be given to a patient.

Step By Step 40% Solution

To make a 40% solution you need to have two beakers that have numbers on the sides, in mL, of them. Fill one beaker with water that is up to the number 60mL mark. Fill the other beaker with the solute until it reaches the 40mL mark. Combine the two substances to create a 40% solution. and you can repeat these steps by changing the amount of each substance by putting in what type of concentration or percent you want in each beaker.


This graph shows the different solutions we made by the percents and the absorbents of light it had. The Data table is shown below with the concentration(%), Transmittance(%T), and Absorbance. The relationship between concentration and absorbance form together to make Beer's Law. Absorbance is the x-axis and the concentration is the y-axis. All this data goes back with the graph. This data shows all the point on the graph, what different concentrations absorbed how much light, also what concentrations transmitted light through the solutions.To find Aunt Elda you move up from the 50% concentration and meet the linear line that you made for your data. Your number should be around .402 or .4 something.

Data Table

Lab Set Up Pictures


During this lab I have found out that the most Anesthetics you can have is right around 40%, I figured out how to make percents by mixing two substances together, and I have learned about concentrations, absorbency, and transmittance. The lab was a good activity for us to learn about Anesthetics and how to make solutions and percents. Also, how to graph the solutions and make a line graph to find Aunt Elda.