APS Math News Update

May 2016


*Deadline Extended for Resource Pilot Teacher Teams!

*FAQ on Resource Pilot Process

*Summer Professional Learning Opportunities

*Teacher's Development Group

*Exit Criteria Update

"Resource Adoption" Process

Deadline Extended for Resource Pilot Teacher Teams!

We know that this is a very busy time of year and we may not have allowed enough time for you decide about participating on a pilot team and fill out the application. We are looking for a wide variety of teachers - inexperienced, veterans, different schools and communities. The process will include professional learning and the creation of a team of teachers to work with as you implement your learning. We are very excited about this opportunity to both influence the direction of math instruction in the district at the same time as growing in your own practice.

New Deadline: THURSDAY MAY 5th at 4 pm.

Application Link

FAQ for Resource Pilot Teacher Teams and "Adoption" Process

1) I will be traveling several weeks this summer, can I still apply?

Yes. We will try to work around summer schedules to the extent we are able. We may do some of our work virtually as well.

2) If I am on the pilot team, but I usually plan with a PLC at my building, can my teammates pilot the resource as well?

Yes. We want to see how each potential resource performs when used in authentic ways, so we will want you to include your team if that is how you usually work.

3) Will we consider digital, open source resources?

Yes. We are open to any resource that has the potential to support a classroom experience that develops 21st Century Skills and deep mathematical reasoning in our students.

4) How is this process different than book selection in the past?

The educational landscape has changed since the last time APS looked at math resources - new standards, standards of math practice and a focus on 21st Century learning has shifted the criteria for resources to meet. This time we are viewing resources as a lever to encourage engaging, relevant learning experiences, but also recognize it is only a part of the system of support needed for all teachers to bring this kind of instruction to all students. Therefore, we will be forming teams of teachers to learn about the classroom culture of thinking needed. Then as they are implementing that culture in their classrooms, they will try on different resources to see which best support the planning and enactment of rich learning experiences for our students. During this process, we will be paying attention to the kind of support needed by these teachers so we can begin to design ways to scale that support for all teachers.

Summer Professional Learning

Creating a Culture that Promotes Reasoning, Problem Solving and Productive Struggle

We are thrilled to have Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta join us this summer for some in depth learning about the different ways students think mathematically and how to plan lessons that make student reasoning and problem solving visible and struggle productive. This session is geared for teachers and is 10-4 on Tuesday and Wednesday May 31 and June 1.

Link to Flyer

Coaching for a Classroom that Creates a Culture that Promotes Reasoning, Problem Solving and Productive Struggle

For this half day, 8-12 on June 2, Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta will work with Teaching Partners and Math Coaches on strategies for supporting teachers take on the learning of the past two days.

Link to Flyer

Windows into Student Thinking

We are very excited to extend this learning opportunity with two math experts, Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta, to all support team members including principals, ESS, ELA, Agate, etc. In a compact, 2 hour session, participants will learn about ways of mathematical thinking and how by encouraging opportunities for this kind of thinking we can support all learners. We are offering this session twice 7:30 - 9:30am on May 31st and again on June 1.

Please invite anyone who might be interested in mathematical thinking - a science teacher, your ELA teacher leader, the ESS team and your administration. This is a great opportunity to get a quick introduction to changes in math instruction.

Link to Flyer

Kathy Richardson Math Perspectives Summer Courses

We are pleased to once again offer three different courses from Kathy Richardson/Math Perspectives:

Developing Number Concepts K-2 June 6-7-8

Developing Computational Fluency 3-5 June 6-7-8

Number Concepts in Pre-K June 6-7

Link to Flyer

Breaking Down the Content Silos

Designing integrated units and lessons for literacy, social studies, math and science.

July 12-14

Avatar Course # 4658.6129

Teachers Development Group (TDG)

Update for Schools who Applied for TDG Support

We are thrilled to announce that we believe we can support all schools who turned in applications for TDG. Not every school will get exactly what they requested, but we will be able to support all schools in some way. We will be reaching out to each school to communicate the kind of support we can offer and confirming their participation over the next couple of weeks. We are also working on offering an alternative set of dates for the Best Practices course this summer. Stay tuned.

Exit Criteria

Exit Criteria for Secondary Math

Exit Criteria are coming in AUGUST! As you may have heard, there is a current initiative to create grade level exit criteria for every content area. The exit criteria will be the guiding principle as to the content of each grade level. These documents are being put together with input from schools that have already begun this work as well as our state standards(CAS), PARCC and SAT. The instructional model and exit criteria, when combined, will provide a framework for designing engaging learning experiences. Here is a link to our current drafts and we would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Link to draft folder