Environment/Animals/Weather etc.

My Biome!

I selected Desert, and the animals that live there, the temperature and a lot more information!

My Biome is a place where all animals/plants are used to a very hot climate.

The temperature is usually 60-100 Degrees Fahrenheit everyday.

Animals like snakes, mountain lions, and grizzly bears like to live in this kind of place.

Desert, Animals, Plants and Environment

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What if I build a store in the Desert?

There would be a chance that someone that wants to visit the desert for experience may need water or something to drink, so I decided to build a Water/Soda store and connect, build an electric machine that could support the store for the heat and the energy that I use.
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Activities in the Desert?!

Sounds good, I have built some good activities in the Desert so that my customers won't be bored.

Like as what i've decided is to build a small gaming store that is fully Air Conditioned.

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Desert Biome Facts

Weather/Climate Information

The temperature on this is very hot, usually 60-90 Degrees Fahrenheit every day. Many animals live here and searching for food. It only rains about 3-10 Inches of water every year.


  • There are a number of different definitions to describe a desert but they are typically areas that receive extremely low amounts of rain.

  • Deserts generally receive less than 40cm (16in) of rain a year.

  • Only around 20% of the deserts on Earth are covered in sand.

  • Areas covered in ice or snow can sometimes be called 'cold deserts', compared to 'hot deserts' in warmer areas.

  • The largest cold desert on Earth is Antarctica.

  • The largest hot desert on Earth is the Sahara.

  • The Sahara Desert is located in northern Africa, spanning 12 different countries.

  • The Arabian Desert in the Middle East is the second largest hot desert on Earth but is substantially smaller than the Sahara.

  • Other large deserts include the Gobi Desert in Asia, the Kalahari Desert in Africa, the Patagonian Desert in South America, the Great Victoria Desert in Australia, the Syrian Desert in the Middle East and the Great Basin Desert in North America.

  • The Gobi Desert is located in the north of China and the south of Mongolia. It is growing at a fast rate due to desertification, a process that turns fertile lands into desert areas. It is caused by humans cutting down forests, droughts, climate change and other environmental factors.

  • Located in South America, the Atacama Desert is the driest place in the world.

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