La ola del lago Spanish Immersion & Edgewood School-12.14.15

Richie is facilitating #PLSASchat on Tuesday at 8PM on "Educator Passion" - Please consider participating if you are available

This Tuesday, December 15 at 8:00 PM, I will be hosting and facilitating the weekly PLSAS Twitter Chat, #PLSASchat

The topic will be "Educator Passion." Each week there are usually between 20-25 participants, including Dr. Teri Staloch, superintendent of schools. Being a LODL/EW employee, you are privy to get a sneak peek at the 7 questions that will be asked - included in this SMORE. :-)

It would be great to get many more of our Edgewood/La ola del lago voices involved in this powerful district E-12 networking. Please let me know if you have any questions. #PLSASChat

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#PLSASchat Questions (sneak peek) ~ Tuesday at 8:00PM

PLSAS Twitter Chat, #PLSASchat : Tuesday at 8:00PM, facilitated by @RKucinski

Beginning at 8:00PM, please respond to the following questions using A1: ….. for question 1, A2: …. for question 2… ,etc. The most important thing is tag your post with the hashtag #PLSASchat so that others are able to search your responses. Let the tweets, retweets, learning, and sharing begin! Twitter chats work best when others are actively engaged in sharing what your colleagues are sharing, thinking, and questioning.

Q1: Please state your name, position, and favorite December activity.

Q2: When people ask you what you do for a living, how do you describe it?

Q3: Why did you decide to go into the field of education?

Q4: What is it about the field of education that has kept you coming back year after year?

Q5: What is the single greatest memory you have of helping a child succeed?

Q6: In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge modern day public education is facing?

Q7: What do you do to continue to sustain your educator passion?

Q8: What would be your greatest advice to a young adult considering entering into the educational field?

Q9: If you could change one thing about modern day public education, what would it be?

Week of December 14 - 18, 2015

What!?!? Our last full week of 2015? It's hard to believe it will soon be 2016. We still have seven days left to make a huge impact in our students' learning. As we approach the final stretch before Winter Break, finish strong and feel great about the wonderful work we have been a part of this fall at Edgewood & La ola del lago.

We truly have accomplished great things for our students and families. I look forward to continuing our journey of providing the best educational experiences for our students and families in 2016!

Please take a moment to share a reason why you are proud to be a part of the La ola del lago / Edgewood School Community in the Google Form below.

Finish the year strong!

See the results from the Google Form below. Comments are anonymous:


Referendum Information Meetings & Planning Updates for 2016-17

You have probably heard the PLSAS school board voted in November for a May Referendum. Becca and I will be having two presentations in the coming week for anyone interested in hearing about the details and timeline of the referendum (who has not already heard). These presentations are for any and all employees. Please pick which one might be the most convenient for you. Below are also a few more examples how we are already aggressively planning the 2016-17 school year:

  1. Edgewood Classroom Map (Draft) & CoF (Draft) Class Calendar 2016-17: A draft schedule of class offerings will shared at the Circle of Friends staff meeting this Friday at 8:00. We will also be sharing a draft of the Edgewood building classroom map for 2016-17. Anyone is welcome to attend.
  2. Interest in Kindergarten Registration for La ola del lago is at an all time high. As the plan has always been, grades K-2 will be at EW during the 2016-17 school year. In addition, we have already hired one LODL teacher and have another interview this week.
  3. PLSAS Referendum Presentations: These two times are optional for any employee of EW to attend - please pick the one that works the best for your schedule. Both of these meetings will be held in library and will last about 10 minutes.

**Wednesday, December 16 @ 8:30

**Thursday, December 17 @ 12:30

Below is a great resource for any parent, educator, or family

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Congrats to Alison Dziedzic, ECSE teacher & para, on her recent engagement!

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Meet Annie Thoraldson, Circle of Friends Preschool Teacher

This is my third year working at Edgewood School. Previously I taught first grade at Paideia Academy in Apple Valley. I grew up in Duluth and love going back to visit family! My favorite part of my job is listening to the stories kids share. Kids really do say the darndest things!

I live in Burnsville with my husband (Shad), daughter (Layla) and dog (Abby). We love to be outside together, explore new playgrounds and go out to eat. Layla keeps us very busy. She is almost 17 months and is the silliest toddler I know! This winter I'm looking forward to going to a family reunion in Denver. Family will be traveling from all over, the farthest are traveling from Japan to be there.

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Check out this great video "What Do We Do in Nature PreSchool?" created by Anna Dutke

What do we do in nature preschool?

Who We Are at La ola del lago Spanish Immersion & Edgewood School

Welcome to Edgewood School, home to early learning and La ola del lago Spanish Immersion. Edgewood has some of the most caring and talented staff, parents and students. At Edgewood School, we are passionate about helping each and every student learn and grow. We are committed to providing each child a safe and nurturing environment that fosters creativity, play, and innovation. Our overarching goal is that all students, families, employees, and community members – everyone who walks through our doors – feel an overwhelming sense of belonging.