RMMS March Family News

2018-2019 School Year

Regional Multicultural Magnet School

Dear RMMS Families,

It is hard to believe that our students have already completed the first semester and are halfway done with our school year! Our students have been engaged in learning and teachers have completed our mid-year assessment period so that we can measure the growth of our students. We use this data to communicate with families and to adjust our planning so that we can ensure our students are getting the best education possible for the second half of the year.

Partnership in Your Child's Learning

Do you have questions about your child's learning? Please remember that RMMS welcomes parents to contact us so that we can work together to provide them with everything they need to succeed.

Room Parents

RMMS is pleased to welcome all those parents that signed up to help classrooms as room parents! Are you wishing to be a room parent, but missed the date? It may not be too late. Please reach out to the PCO for more information at rmmspco@gmail.com or leave your name and number with our front desk and someone will call you personally.

Exciting Events Lead Towards Authorization

RMMS was excited to be host visitors from the International Baccalaureate Authorization Team to be evaluate our school this February towards becoming an "officially authorized" Primary Years Program (PYP). This has been a three year process for RMMS and we are hopeful that this will be the year we advance from a "candidate school" to an "authorized world school." Are you wondering about the most current PYP unit your child is studying? Read the article in this newsletter from Lynne Ramage for more information.

Please see below for more of the upcoming events on our schedule for the coming weeks.


Dr. Sue, RMMS Principal/Head of School & Mrs. Mariana Assistant Principal and Special Education Coordinator

Health Aide Joins RMMS Staff

RMMS is pleased to welcome Stacey Tynan to our nurse's office to help assist Miss Lisa. Miss Stacey will begin Tuesday, March 5th at RMMS. Please stop by an introduce yourself if you have the time. She will generally be at RMMS between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

A Message from Miss Stacey

My name is Stacey Tynan - I live in Waterford, CT. I enjoy reading, hiking, photography, riding my bike and cooking (and eating!! ). Prior to coming to RMMS, I worked with senior citizens, as a nurse and a facilitator of a recreation therapy group. I am excited to join your community in the nurse's office as the new Health Aide!

Another New Social Workers at RMMS!

RMMS is fortunate enough welcome our second full-time social worker, Miss Catilin Kimberlin, who will begin her work with RMMS on February 20th.

Meet Caitlin

Caitlin has a great deal of experience providing counseling services to families and individuals in a variety of settings. As an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, Caitlin excelled servicing children through counseling, developing treatment and behavioral plans, while also helping children and their families to navigate and succeed in the academic environment. Later, she found employment at Child and Family Agency in New London, Connecticut where she was a Functional Family Therapist. Her most recent work in a school setting focused on using motivational strategies to help students make good choices. We look forward to the great work she will do for our students.

Be Safe & Mindful When Picking Up Your Child

Photo Identification Required

A reminder that anyone wishing to enter our building or pick-up a student should have a photo identification with them and ready every time. While we pride ourselves on knowing our families, it is extremely important for security of the school that all adults follow this procedure. Thank you in advance.

Put Changes in Writing

Changes to any child's pick-up plan or ability to attend a field trip, must be made in writing. If a note cannot be sent, we can also be reached via email. Please call the school if you have any questions.

Winter Weather & School

Is there school today?

We have been lucky so far that we have very few cancellations, but winter weather is tricky, and when there are school cancellations/delays, it is always stressful for not only school officials, but for you at home as well. We will do our best to make sure to get any information out to you in a timely manner. We utilize the local news stations and will make sure to send out messages via our School Messenger when decisions are made. We also encourage families to sign up for text alerts from any of the television stations we use to communicate, Channel 3, 8, and 30.

Bundle up & Be Mindful of School Hours, Please

We want to remind all families to be sure your little ones have hats, coats, gloves, and any winter gear they may need to stay warm if they are waiting for the bus, or going out to play during winter recess. We have had a few families dropping off children in the morning before school is open. A reminder that school doors open at 8:30 for students. Students should only be dropped off at or after 8:30am.

RMMS Family Movie Day at Niantic Cinema- Only $3.50; Doors open at 9:30am

Saturday, March 9th, 10am

Niantic Cinemas, 279 W Main Street, Niantic, CT, USA

Join us for an exciting Parent Caregiver Organization (PCO) Event- Watch the movie "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" for only $3.50 per person! We would love to know how many are coming, but you do not have to RSVP to attend. We hope to see you there!

PCO Annual Pawtucket Duck Race

The PCO will also be sponsoring it's annual Pawtucket Duck Race very soon. Look for more information to come home with your child in the next week or so.

Our School Compact & The Parent/Caregiver Conferences

As part of the school compact families have with RMMS, we must join to meet at least three times a year to discuss student growth and plan next steps. Our next parent/caregiver conferences are coming on March 21st and 22nd. It will give everyone an excellent opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers.

However, please do not think that you need to wait until parent/caregiver conferences to contact your child’s teacher. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! We will be happy to help answer your questions.

Parent Caregiver Meeting & Internet Security for Your Child

Is your child using an iphone, ipad, computer or tablet?

Recent studies show that more and more young people are on-line. This March, RMMS will be offering a Internet Safety class as part of our PCO meeting for parents. We will review potential dangers and solutions you may want to consider to protect your children.

  • According to a study published by Nielsen in 2010, in May 2009, children 2-11 made up nearly 10% of the active on-line community. Imagine how many are on-line today?
  • 18% of 8-10 year olds spend time on some kind of social media daily (Kaiser, 2010).
  • 71% of parents report having had issues with one or more Internet-related issues with their children within the past year (Harris Interactive Poll, 2007).
We want to help you navigate this important tool for your children.

Join us on March 20th at 6:00pm in our school library.

We hope you can attend!

Profiles in Learning Brings Smiles to Students Faces & Their Families

RMMS was overjoyed to reveal the latest work of Kelley Norcia and Sue Goldstein, Profiles in Learning featuring RMMS students and their own interpretations of the IB Learner Profile Attributes. Kelley Norcia, 5th grade teacher and professional photographer captured students' personalities with magical camera angles and lighting that beckoned audience members to look longer while Mrs. Goldstein recorded their words to reveal that our students are well on their way to being change agents in our global society. It was a beautiful night to see the students, their families, teachers and friends celebrating people, their differences and all they do to make our school a wonderful place of learning and growing.

Our Current IB Unit

From Lynne Ramage, RMMS International Baccalaureate Coach

As we begin March, students are just ending their units of study on the following interesting topics.


How We Express Ourselves: An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

During this unit, kindergarteners are examining how people balance ideas and needs during the design process. They are discussing the idea of beauty and discovering that people have different perspectives about what is beautiful. They are looking at the concept of beauty through the lens of clothing and homes. Students are seeing how weather can affect choices about clothing and homes around the world. Throughout the unit, students are listening to, reading and writing informational texts. They are identifying important details an author uses and selecting facts for their own informational pieces that they are writing.

1st grade

How the World Works: An inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

First graders are investigating how light and sound are produced and used to communicate. They are being thinkers and showing creativity as they invent unique ways to use light or sound for communication. With Mr. K in music, students are creating instruments. Grade one students are also discovering ways that authors become knowledgeable about a topic in order to be able to write. They are also examining the different text features writers use to share information with their readers. Students are being communicators and risk-takers as they write opinion pieces about a topic, give evidence for their reason, and share their work with peers.

2nd grade

How We Express Ourselves: An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Second graders are exploring how people express ideas, feelings and values through stories. Through reading different versions of fairy tales from around the world they are determining the characteristics of fairy tales. The global aspect of the stories is helping the children to develop open-mindedness and perspective-an understanding that different doesn’t mean wrong. Students are discovering that there are common messages across cultures and locations. Along with listening to and reading fairy tales, students are writing an original fairy tale that expresses a message that they think is important.

3rd Grade

How the World Works: An inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances

Students are exploring the connection between innovation, technological advancement and the ways it may impact society and the environment. Third graders are conducting an inquiry about the properties of magnets and how those properties impact their use. Using biographies about inventors as examples, students are seeing how the design cycle is used to invent and about how the inventions impact society and the environment. They are reflecting on problems that they observe and apply the design cycle to invent something to solve it. Students are learning to use a square paragraph organizer for expository writing, how to make writing interesting to the reader and apply that knowledge to writing about their own invention.

4th & 5th Grades

Where We Are in Place & Time: An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Fourth and fifth graders are inquiring into how risks, challenges and opportunities can lead to migration. They are researching the reasons that people migrate, the experiences of migrants and how migration impacts communities. Students are learning about examples of migrations from different times and places using informational and fictional texts in order to see similarities and differences across the topic. They are being asked to be open-minded as they hear different opinions about the topic. Students are also examining how writers use language in informative/explanatory writing to create strong writing and effective pieces for their readers.

4th & 5th Grade Students Engaged in Hands-on Learning

The RMMS Foundation approved a grant prepared by 5th grade teacher Kristin Gemaly for all 4th and 5th grade classes to have a 1 hour 15 minute class lesson taught by the Connecticut Historical Society about migration to Connecticut right here at RMMS. Our students to explore primary resources and extend their knowledge first hand. Here are a few of photos of students caught on SeeSaw shared by 4th grade teacher Miss Liz. The students are inquiring and learning as they explored suitcases, some cultural items, and determined where people had traveled from and their reasons for emigrating to Connecticut.

Tell Your Friends-- We are Still Recruiting for Next School Year!

Applications for Next Year are Being Accepted

Are you a family that has been pleased with your child's education and experience at RMMS? Be sure to tell any friends that will have kindergarten aged children to apply before March 30th. If they have questions, they can also reach out to our Recruitment Manager, Ms. Laureen at 860-437-7775 ext. 7301.

Help Us Spread the Word

We are currently recruiting for students in K-4th grade for Fall admission.Our best advertising is an endorsement from our current parents. Please spread the word about RMMS. Can you help us advertise by bringing brochures to you day care, nursery school, sporting facility, workplace, or place of worship. Please call Ms. Laureen x 7304 or E-mail her at lpierandi@rmms.k12.ct.us She will send materials home with your student! Thank you for your help!

RMMS Tours & Open Houses For New Prospective Families

Daytime tours to learn more about our school for the 2019-2020 school year are in the works. Interested families can sign up for a tour on our school website or call us to register for a daytime tour at 860-437-7775 ext. 7301

Daytime Tours for New Families

  • Monday, March 11, 2019 @ 9:00am
  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019 @ 1:00pm

Open Houses with Presentations

  • Sunday, March 24, 2019 @ 2:00pm

Calling ALL Siblings!

If you have a child currently enrolled in RMMS K-4th grade and have a child eligible to start Kindergarten in the fall you may be eligible for sibling admission. Please pick up a sibling application at the front desk, or apply on-line before March 31st at www.rmmsk12.ct.us

March Important Dates of Note

March 1st, 4th, 6th

  • Connecticut Historical Society Presents to Select 4th & 5th Grade Classes (60 mins)

March 1st

  • Read Across America Day

March 4th & 5th

  • Project Oceanology Seal Tour Field Trip- Select 4th Grade Classes

March 9th

  • RMMS Family Movie Day at Niantic Cinema, 10:00am

March 11th

  • PCO Morning Meeting 8:30-9:15- Food Service at RMMS
  • RMMS Recruitment Tour for New Families, 9:00am

March 14th

  • Puentes Program Biale (Dance) for Puentes Families Only; 5:00pm
March 18th
  • "Rosie Revere, Engineer" at the Garde Theater Field Trip for Select Classes

March 20th

  • Save the Earth Club, 3:30-4:30
  • PCO Meeting- Internet Safety Workshop 6:00-7:00pm

March 24th

  • RMMS Open House for New Families, 2:00pm

March 27th

  • RMMS Recruitment Tour for New Families, 1:00pm

We have News! Save the Date!

Our Multicultural Dance Festival will be April 5th at RMMS this year! Using a recently purchased stage for our school, children will perform dances from around the world. It is an event you do not want miss!

We hope you can all make it!

March Lunch Menu

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The Regional Multicultural Magnet School

RMMS is a community that is committed to empowering students to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners. We work with families as well as local and global communities to implement challenging interdisciplinary programs of international education. We develop students that are respectful, inquiring, knowledgeable and reflective change agents who are empowered to create a sustainable planet and a more just and peaceful world.