Killer Christian!

John Brown, slaying for the Savior?

That Night

On the night of May 24, 1856, John Brown and his company of Free State volunteers murdered five men settled along the Pottawatomie Creek in southeastern Kansas. But they were not just Browns random pick, They were associated with the Pro-Slavery law and Order Party but were not slave owners themselves. The brawl started over the infamous Kansas Nebraska Act, It had done many things to scar the people all over America. The act repealed the Missouri Compromise, Created a new political party, Kansas and Nebraska are formed into territories, and it bestowed the name "Bleeding Kansas" on the state of Kansas.

A Witness?

Anonymous Witness

"Their I was, going outside to bring in the sheets that were sitting out to dry, when I heard a man scream somthin' terrible" said a witness (named anonymous) "I ran over to where it was coming from, and there he was (John Brown) with a sword in hand standing above a pro-slavery settler begging for mercy" "Then and their the first swing of the sword was swung and the first blood was shed." Will police be able to catch this crazed killer before he strikes again, or will he spill more blood upon the state of Kansas?