So You Want To Be A Lawyer?

by: Jonathan Mejia

So you want to become a lawyer?

Do you like arguing?Do you think you can win in any argument? Are you ready for a challenge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider becoming a lawyer.

What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who practices or studies law, another word may be ,"attorney" or "counselor". A lawyer is someone who gets involved or represents someone in law matters.

How do you become a lawyer?

In order to become a lawyer, you must first do the following:

  • Earn a bachelor's degree in college in order to get into law school
  • Take the LSAT test
  • Go to law school for 4 years
  • Take the state Bar Exam, and pass
  • Become a Lawyer!

Typical Tasks

  • Constant research
  • Stay in court for hours
  • Collect information from the judge
  • Argue with the prosecution
  • Have talks with their clients


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Skills and Interests

There are specific skills and abilities that a lawyer must have in order to succeed like:
  • A good lawyer in inquisitive, which means that they must be able to get their clients or others to open up and peel back layers of their secrets in order to get more information.
  • A good lawyer is a good problem solver, meaning that they must be able to find the solution to the problem even if one is not apparent to you at first.
  • And most importantly, a lawyer is CONFIDENT. A lawyer doesn't doubt whether their client is guilty or not, they stick to their gut and they don't give up. They don't walk into a courtroom thinking that they are going to lose; they think positive the whole time, cause if not they make their clients scared or nervous.