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Hello! How Are You?

Dear Escondido Students,

I hope that this message finds you and your family well today. I met with all of the teachers Friday morning. They are thinking of all of you and can hardly wait to share with you the work they have been doing these past weeks. I know you are really going to enjoy seeing the video recorded lessons they are putting together. To see the lessons, you will log in to your PAUSD school account to access a program called Schoology. If you haven't tried to get into your PAUSD school account yet, make sure your adult (a parent or guardian) read the school newsletter or email message sent by your teacher before April 13th. They might need to help you log in and I want to ensure you are all ready to get back to learning cool stuff on Monday, April 13th. Remember that it is always ok to ask for help if you need it, so let the school know if you need anything.

I have a new video greeting for all of you. In the video below, you are going to meet another member of my family, Sinbad, our Yellow-headed amazon parrot. My family adopted Sinbad last summer from the Humane Society. He is a rescue. His previous family gave him up because he got sick, and they weren't sure how to take care of him. You may not know this, but my family has a bit of experience rescuing and taking care of animals. We have rescued parrots, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits. So when my husband read Sinbad's story on an amazon parrot rescue site, he knew we were the right family to adopt him. Sinbad has brought a lot of joy to our family this past year, and I look forward to many, many, many more years with him!

Although we know few details about Sinbads life before he joined our family, we have used deductive reasoning to put some pieces together. Here's what we think we know:

  • He is about 10-15 years old. Sinbad will live for at least another 40-50 years if we take good care of him.
  • His previous family let him bathe in his water bowl. This is something we are trying to teach him not to do. Now he enjoys taking a shower every day.
  • Sinbad ate a lot of bird junk food (a.k.a. seed). But now he likes his well-balanced meal that consists of some pellets, a little seed, fresh fruits, and vegetables. His favorite vegetable is bell pepper, especially the little orange and red ones. His favorite fruits are bananas and apples.
  • Sinbad is used to having children around him. This big bird loves children and will put on a show for them.
  • Sinbad spent quality time with his family and that's how he learned how to talk. He has a lot to say. He can hold a conversation, and it changes depending on the time of day and if he wants something special.
  • Sinbad spent time with other animals. He adores our parakeet, Little Blue, who lives next door to him. He puts up with the puppies and cat.
  • Sinbad was raised in a home that played all kinds of music. This bird loves rock and roll! He goes wild, sings up a storm when he hears my son playing guitar. What can I say he has incredible taste.

Well, that's about it for today. I hope you enjoy meeting some of the members of my family. My wish is that they bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with warmth.

I miss all of you very much and look forward to connecting with you, maybe through a ZOOM class meeting when we return from Spring Break on April 13th.

I know that you are doing your best to be kind and helpful at home. Keep it up, Escondido friends!

Have a happy Spring Break!


Dr. Marcela

Marcela S. Simoes de Carvalho, Ed.D., NBCT


Meet Sinbad - Our Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot

April 3rd Principal Greeting to Students

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