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Updates and Think Abouts for the '15-'16 School Year

We believe that...

Children are our most precious commodity and the holders of our future. To see them reach their full potential - we commit to supporting the continuous learning of our staff so they provide students with engaging, culturally responsive, instructional experiences that prepare them for their futures.

Aim High!

Goals for 2015-2016 School Year

Below are the three areas of focus for the school year.

Week of September 28, 2015

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Student Engagement

In this article from The Marzano Center, author Estelle Lischalk provides five concepts teachers should incorporate into their lessons to keep students' attention. Take a look at the article and identify two concepts you'll consider sharing with teachers during a post-observation conference.

Classroom Observation

Assessment of Teaching and Learning: Classroom Observation

Applying the Danielson Rubric

Using Domain 3 of the Danielson Rubric:

- rate the teachers performance. Cite specific evidence from the video that draws you to that conclusion.

- What suggestions would you offer to this classroom teacher to move her to highly effective?


What instructional tools can you use to support teachers' integration of technology into their lessons and increase your effectiveness as an instructional leader. Take a look at the tools shared in this section (and share a few of your own).


This article highlights how Voxer can be used to improve student and staff outcomes. Read through this article - much of which you may already know. What way(s) do you suggest using Voxer with staff?

Here's one way that I used Voxer to provide feedback to a math teacher -

School Culture


Over the summer, we discussed using the expertise in our building to build the staff's instructional effectiveness and capacity. One of the ways we discussed achieving this goal is by encouraging staff to visit the classroom of their colleagues.

October's Instructional Challenge

During the month of October, encourage three staff members to visit a colleagues classroom. Share the specific focus for the visit and then converse with the teacher after the visit to discuss what he/she noticed, or wondered.

Huge thank you to Steve for developing and using the Remind application to communicate with staff. Positive praise has been provided around the timely notifications about upcoming events. We're always seeking ways to improve what we do every day! Keep the ideas coming.


We're on our way to creating our parent book study. Thus far, three PFA parents are reading the book - Beyond The Bake Sale. During the next meeting with the executive board, we'll discuss specific steps the PFA board would like to take to actualize some of the suggestions offered in the book (e.g, Principals' Tea)

October's Parent Challenge

Make 5 positive phone calls home a week to the families of students you're working with. These can be parents that you've spoken to in the beginning of the school year, or the parents of at-risk students.

Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations | Joseph Grenny
Listen to this video and read chapter 1.

Answer these two questions:

- What do you think about as you listen to the video?

- What situation have you been involved in where you should have had a crucial conversation, but did not.