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Week 17

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Almost there.......


As we continue to move toward the end of the semester and the holiday break, please continue to do the awesome job you do to prepare each and every student for the end of the semester testing opportunities and in giving them every opportunity to be successful in your class.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the joyous testing season that we are engaged in........, i know that you are looking forward to it this week and next. :)

Don’t miss some great opportunities this week to get in the holiday spirit..…… Our Fine Arts Department will host some holiday concerts this week and Saturday morning our students will host our annual Shop with a Buc event. I can assure you that these events will get you in the holiday spirit if the joys of testing season are not enough. :)

Finally, i want to challenge each of us this week (myself included) to not get caught up in the negative. It is easy to do with testing, technology issues, end of semester expectations, parents, and students who are just as ready as we are for a break........that being said...... a few challenges for you below.......

  • Smile more. Smiling does something inside of you that makes you feel a little happier, and the people you are smiling at feel a little better, too.
  • High-fives. More high-fives. High-fives to make people feel better and help you take yourself a little less seriously. Give at least 10 high-fives per day this week…I bet you will smile a little more (back to Thing 1) :)
  • Tell someone outside your department how awesome you think something they are doing is. This one is guaranteed to make all involved feel better. Have a conversation with another teacher about something you think is amazing about how they teach or interact with students and ask them about it.
  • Write a note to one student in each of your classes just letting them know something you like about them.
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QUOTE OF THE WEEK (or should i say testing weeks)

Be thankful you get a chance to change a student's life at your job every day. Regardless of how frustrating it can be.

"Press Pause" this week if you need to!

Good quick read below for all of us as the end of the semester fast approaches. Remember, our response is just as important as the event!

Congratulations to Coach Varner and his staff on their win Friday night to advance to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Game this Friday at 8:00 this Friday night!

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