All you need to know...and more.

What is going on around here? 1/1-1/10/16

Happy Holidays!

And just like that...WE ARE BACK. Yay!!

Who missed me? Or should I ask...who missed the classes, seeing each other more often and working up a sweat?

I sure did.

3 weeks was a long time to be off schedule, but at the same time it seemed to fly by.

I didn't get any where near the things done that I had hoped- but it was still a great respite from the norm.

My body, mind and spirit were all given opportunity to heal, restore and enjoy. What a blessing.

I am excited to find out what all of you did over the break in terms of fitness, rest, healing and more.

Your bodies should be chomping at the bit to get into a fitness routine again as well as get back on track with nutrition.

Let's get to it.

In honor of the new year and the new motto I have chosen for 2016- it is time to...


Watch this video clip. It speaks for itself.

I'll see you on Monday!

The Ultimate Motivational Clip - Rise & Shine!


The latest and greatest

January Birthdays: (If I've missed anyone, let me know)

Cyndee Bodily - 1/3

Amy Baumgartner- 1/7

Lauren Redding- 1/11

April Satchwell- 1/13

Save the Date:

1/2 Warrior Training (Last Class of season and Party) 12:00-2:00 PM. Meet at Shine.


1/7 January Birthday Lunch

Come and celebrate our friends who were born in the cold month of January.

Details TBD

1/9 SHINE 365 Makes it's debut (see flyer for details)

SPECIAL FORCES FITNESS (Test Run)... 9:30 AM at Bear Creek Park (see flyer for details)


Okay- so here is the deal. Things are gonna be a little screwy at Shine in the month of January.

Long story building contractor has not been honest and upfront about quite a few things and consequently I will not be able to get into the new studio until the last week of January.

Rather than be angry, upset or bitter (which I have been all 3)- I am choosing to look at it as an opportunity to learn, grow and move forward.

So- we will take this unfortunate situation and spin it like this...


Bring your friends and invite any other people you want to experience SHINE and have them come and workout with us for FREE the entire month.

We want to FILL the classes with fun, strong and inspiring individuals who are ready to RISE and SHINE. Please help us do just that.

Classes will still be exciting, fun and challenging. Location doesn't change that.

Unfortunately because I am going to still have to work around the dance studio schedule- we will not be able to offer the complete winter schedule as listed on the website ( until we are in the new building.

The classes that will be offered during the month of January are as follows: (Please see website and/or flyers for class defintions)

6 AM

Monday- Winter Fusion (Amy)

Tuesday- Dance Fitness (Marilyn)

Wednesday- Sculpt (Angela)

Thursday- Pure Yoga (Amy)

Friday- Cardio Burn (Paula)

9:30 AM

Monday-Cardio Burn (Paula)

Tuesday- Sculpt (Angela)

Wednesday- Yogalates (Paula)

Thursday- Body Heat (Angela)

Friday- Winter Fusion (Angela)

All other classes will begin February 1st in our new studio.

Childcare for the 9:30 class will not be available until we are in our new studio.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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The Ugly Sweater and Christmas Light Walk/Run was a blast!

Despite a few little glitches here and there, everyone that came had a fun time exercising, looking at Christmas lights and getting to know each other better over a mug of hot chocolate. Awesome.

Thanks to all those who came out, participated in some fashion and donated to the cause.

We were able to donate a huge box of warm clothing and accessories to the Interfaith Sanctuary.

And THANKS to Great Harvest Bread Co for sponsoring this run and donating Pumpkin Bread for a treat. Very nice of them.

Start planning your outfit for next year. It's gonna be EPIC.

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Over the break, Amy offered a few classes for us to try.

Even though only just a handful of us showed up each time, we managed to have far too much fun.

We folded, breathed and posed our way into complete least that's what story I'm telling. Amy might have a little different take on it.

Thanks for spending the extra time with us. Our achy bones needed it.

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Oh do we have some plans for this branch of SHINE.

Just you wait...

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That's not all...

Bright Shining Stars Learning Center

Diana still has spots available for preschool aged children who are ready to be enrolled for Winter/Spring term.

Check out her website at and help her get the word out. Even if you already have a teacher for your child, maybe you know someone else who is still looking. $20.00 cash referral fee for anyone who sends someone her way.

"Best pre-school teacher ever!"

(Every kid that has ever been privileged to be in her class)

Inspired Dance

Modest Movement. Modest Music. Modest Clothing. Modest Prices.

Everything a mom would want for their child when it comes to a dance class...and so much more!

Classes start February 1st for all ages.

Check out flyer for details and sign your kids up today!

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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Healthy Living Support Group now called...

SHINE 365.

Where we are HARDCORE about being BALANCED.

New prices, classes and format.

What was once now GREAT.

If you are serious about getting healthy in the new year, whether that means weight loss, fitness gain, improvement in eating habits or just good old accountability- this is the group for you.

Check out the flyer below for ALL the details and do yourself a favor...COME AND JOIN US. We have a spot waiting just for you.

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So many exciting changes at Shine Fitness.

Welcome Paula and Marilyn as new class instructors. These ladies are gonna bring their own version of light and energy to the group through various classes. I am so excited to get to take classes from them. They are inspiring, motivating and genuine. Perfect fit for SHINE FITNESS.

Go to the website to read more about them.

There is a whole new line up of classes including some we've never tried before.

Under the SHINE FITNESS tab on the website- you will be able to see the new Winter Class Schedule, definitions and class times as well as sign up for classes and now you can even...PAY online. Wahoo!!

Like was stated earlier in the Newsletter- the official Winter Class Schedule will start on February 1st, but don't wait til then to come and get your buns kicked. We will still hold classes M-F at 6 and at 9:30 AM.

Be sure to tell all your friends about the FREE MONTH of classes and have them tell their friends. Exciting times ahead.

I can't wait. The hardest part will be deciding which classes to take.

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Shine Fitness extras...

Fitness for all ages. Check it out.

Kids Fitness

Watch for announcements of when the FREE Kids Fitness classes are held each month. It's a great time for your kids to learn about nutrition and healthy habits AND that exercise can actually be...FUN. Imagine that.

Warrior Training (Girls)/ Pick Up Ball (Boys)

6 week sessions for teenage girls and teenage boys.

Each session will focus on a different format.

1st session (starting in Feb) will be KICKBOXING and YOGA. Days and times are listed on website.

Check out the flyers for details and pricing. (Pick up ball flyer will be out next week, but same basic info as warriors)


Come prepared for battle- in the most awesome of ways.

Introducing...Special Forces Fitness. A boot camp like workout that is intended to help introduce you to your best self.

Run by Courtney Hinson. Retired combat veteran and all around great guy.

(flyer will be available next week)

Teenagers on up are welcome. Invite your friends and head on over.

Saturday January 9th at 9:30 AM Bear Creek Park.

Dress in layers.

Bring water and a towell.

We will take care of the rest.

They're all yours Coach Courtney.

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