Adaptation PBL

Nathaniel V.

Consumers and Producers

Did you know I have a consumer and a producer called Tempa lizard and a Water plant.They live in Destrant.A consumer is a animal that eats plants and animals. A producer gets energy from the sun and makes its own food and water.

For Sure,a consumer in Destrant has to have sharp teeth to survive,and has to be hot,and cold blooded.His name is Tempa lizard because he can survive in hot or cold weather in Destrant it it very hot and dry.He has sharp teeth witch is made so he can eat he also has a ugly face so he can scare off his preaditors away.He also can shoot spikes to kill other animals he also has spikes on his hole body.He is black and orange so he can camo in the wild because Destrant is like orange.Did you know he lives under ground so his preaditors won't eat him.

Definitely my producer makes his own food and water.The plant has one spike so he can kill that animal that tried to eat it and its positionis.The root makes its own water so it can grow.The Tempa lizard eats it so he won't die.

It's incredible that my Tempa lizard is a consumer and can survive in the wild.Cant you beLive that my plant can make its own food.

Water plant

My water plant makes its own water and the only thing that can eat it is a Tempa Lizard .It gets its energy from the sun.It is poisonous to other animals besides a Tempa lizard.It looks pretty so things can try to eat it and they will die.The roots are the thing that produces the water.The poison part is the top of the flower.The part that kills them is a sharp part on the steam.
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Tempa Lizard

He can shoot out spikes. He also has spikes all over his body so he can kill and eat it.He has a ugly face so he can scare off preditors.He is also posionis.

Two favorite adaptations

My favorite part with my animal is his face is so ugly it scares off his predator. I like his ugly face because it makes me laught and makes other people laugh. It adapts because it won't die easily.

Most important condition

Destarnt is very hot ,and dry I think that's a important condition because my animal adapts to it because he is hot and cold blooded.K think this is the most important thing because it can hunt and stuff like that.

My favorite adaption - producer

My plants name is water plant it adapts by the sun so it can grow and the root makes the water.It looks pretty so animals can try to eat it but it is posonis so they can die and the Tempa lizard can get food.This one is my favorite producer because I think it's pretty cool that it can make its own food and water.

My favorite adaption-Consumer

My consumer's name is Tempa lizard its adaption is to try to let his predator eat him but he has spikes that will kill them.This one is my favorite consumer because he has spikes and he can shoot out spikes.

Why the movie director should pick mine

I think my consumer and producer should be picked because my consumer has a ugly face to scare off his preadtors.My producer makes its own food and water and they both adapt Destrant.