Surviving with a Turkey Vulture

By:Griffin Bohanan

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If you have the guts to live with the Turkey Vulture you will have to have the guts to eat guts! Turkey Vultures eat carrion. Carrion is a type of dead animal that has rotted in the sun for periods of time.


The Turkey Vulture is a scavenger. That means it dose not hunt, it finds dead food that a lion or a leopard attacked and or killed

surviving 10 minutes

It is very hard to survive with a Turkey Vulture. They can attack you from a dive 100 meters in the air. I want to survive with a Turkey Vulture some day.
Turkey Vulture Rap by Joe Reilly


The Turkey vulture can adapt to N. America, S. America, some of Europe, Asia and Africa and can adapt to eat road kill that has rotted in the sun for ten days.


Turkey vultures don't really flap their 3 ft wingspan! That's as long as my arms. so if they don't really flap They really just glide through the air soaring from one part of the country to the next.


The Turkey Vulture can smell carrion a mile away. It's nose has no bones! They have a cord that runs in between both nostrils that travels the smell to their brain on the back of their head.