Sydney W. 7th Period


Singapore is a very beautiful country. It is warm, humid, and tropical. Many people live there and there are many job opportunities. There are many different islands to choose from (58 other islands other than the main one.)

Slogan- Land of Beauty

Geography and Climate of Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful diamond shaped island that is 42 km long and 32 km wide. It also has 58 islands in it's waters. It is a tropical island, vary humid, and rainy. The humidity is 90% at night and goes down to 60-70% humidity during the day. And usually in the 70s to 80s range maybe 90s.

Population, people, and Culture of Singapore

There are many different ethnic groups in Singapore. Some of the major ethnic groups are Chinese (74.2%), the Malays (13.3%), the Indians (9.2%), and the Asians (3.3%).

There are also many different festivals in Singapore. Some of the festivals are Chinese New Year, the shopping festival, good Friday, Easter, Wesak day, Hari Raya Puasa, The lantern festival, Deepavali, and Hari Raya Haji.

Top 10 Events Timeline of Singapore History

Here are what I think are the top ten events in Singapore history.

1. Aug. 7, 1965: gained independence from the british

2. Jan. 28, 1819: Singapore established a port

3. Aug. 1, 1826: Singapore became under british rule

4. Feb. 6, 1819: modern Singapore in born

5. Apr. 1, 1867: Singapore became a crown colony

6. Feb. 15, 1942: Singapore fell to the Japanese

7. May 30, 1959: Singapore had a general election

8. Sep. 16, 1963: Singapore and a few other countries merged to form Malaysia

9. Sep. 21, 1965: joined United Nations

10. Aug. 9, 1965: gained independence from Malaysia

Government & Citizenship of Singapore

The Government of Singapore is a parliamentary government. The minimal voting age is 21. It has three branches in government. The three branches of government are: the Judicial, Executive, and the Legislature.

The parliament has many different positions. Some of these are, the president, prime minister, and 87 other elected members. Some of the things elected parliament people cannot vote on are: impeachment, an amendment to the constitution, and public funds. One interesting fact about the government is that the same party has been in control of the government for a long time.


The economy of Singapore is a market economy. The money in Singapore is the Singaporean dollar. The tax rates in Singapore are 14.2%. Singapore mostly exports things. The main exports are: electronics, chemicals, and services. Singapore also has one of the biggest ports in the world. Water in Singapore is a scarce resource.

The GDP of Singapore is $318.9 billion (US dollars). GDP growth is 5.8%. The GDP by sector is: farming 0%, industry 26.6%, and services 73.4%. Singapore not only imports and exports it also re-exports. Re-exports means to export something, check it, then send it off some place els. The unemployment rate in Singapore is 1.9%.


1. I think Tappy's Yogurt should come to Singapore because people like to shop and people seem to like frozen yogurt because there are a lot of frozen yogurt places in Singapore. I also think it would be good because people like frozen yogurt. People also like toppings and there are a lot of toppings.

2. I think that Wells Fargo bank should come to Singapore because Singapore is one of the top income per person countries so people have a lot of money that they can put in the bank. I also think that Wells Fargo should go to Singapore because they are doing really well. And then they would be doing better.

3. I think that the Edward Jones Investment Company should go to Singapore because Singapore people have a lot of money that they can use to invest with. Also it would give the company some money. And it would help them do better in the stock market. And they need to do better.

4. I think that Redbox should go to Singapore because people that live there, like entertainment and Redbox rents movies to people. Then it would have more locations. Also they need money. And so that would help them make more money.

5. I think that Gamestop should go to Singapore for a few reasons. The number one reason is people have money to spend and they sell video games. Also I think that it would be good if Gamestop went to Singapore because they need money. Also they are not doing to well in the stock market and it could bring them up a little bit so that they would not be doing as bad.