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U.S. Children’s Fitness Levels Lower Than Others

Highlights of the study included:

· Top five fittest countries were Tanzania, Iceland, Estonia, Norway and Japan

· Canada placed 19 out of 50 countries

· America placed 47 out of 50 countries

Senior author of the study, Grant Tomkinson, associate professor of kinesiology in the University of North Dakota College of Education and Human Development pointed out that American children fared very poorly, while close neighbor Canada placed in the middle of the pack. https://www.healthcorps.org/u-s-childrens-fitness-levels-lower/

Braintree Alliance for Safe and Healthy Youth (BASHY)


To provide community-wide effort to support both school and community programs and projects which promote comprehensive school health and human services including: health education, tobacco, alcohol and other drug prevention, a safe and healthy environment, nutrition and wellness.

Jean Afzali, Director of Nursing Services

Melonie Bennett, Director of Health and Wellness

Sarah Coughlin, Director of School Nutrition