Heritage Herald

Week of October 17th 2016

Upcoming Dates

Monday, Oct 17th

  • 7th grade DC Trip Worlds Finest Chocolate sale continues
  • United Way Pajama Day for $1
  • Fall Chorus and Band Concert 7:00
  • Exceptional Children Mtg. 3:00-4:00

Tuesday, Oct 18th

  • Attendance Meetings
  • Soccer away @WJMS / Volleyball @ Home
  • Discovery Education Training Dates HMS 3:30-4:30

Wednesday, Oct 19th

  • Grade Level Meetings
  • LDC/MDC First Timers Mtg. Central Office
  • Football Home vs Liberty (PEP Rally planned Tentatively). More info Monday

Thursday, Oct 20th

  • Art/Music/CTE Gear Up PD Charlotte
  • Soccer @ home VS Liberty/ Volleyball @ Liberty

Friday, Oct 21st

  • United Way Hat Day for $1
  • $25 OBX Trip Deposit Due

EVAAS and Evaluations.

Please continue to ask questions and review your EVAAS Data. I will continue to get copies of info to you and review data next week.

Oct 18th marks the end of the first round of evaluations. We will be by to get those last few remaining snap shots completed next week.


Reminder to encourage your students to attend homework club and use Tutor.com provided by Gear Up!!!!


We've observed some great lessons lately. Edible cells in Mr. McQuaids science class. Fantastic Biome projects in Mr. Poteats classes. And we had great fun today as Mrs. Putnam and Mr. Beckett's classes participated in fun games to collect and calculate data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evaluation Artifacts

Below is a list of artifacts to work toward and share when evaluated for standard one Demonstrating Leadership:

Student work, Lesson Plans

Professional Learning Communities, Journals

School improvement planning, Student Handbooks

Membership in professional organizations, Class Rules and Procedures

Service on committees, TWC Survey completion

Formal and informal mentoring, National Board Cert.

Relevant data, Disipline Records, Surveys

Our FOCUS this year

Your digital data walls

You will have access to your digital data wall so start looking at your students and their individual needs. All students will take the Reading Plus benchmark test within the first 3 weeks along with the StarMath benchmark. Lisa Clontz will schedule times for your classes to take these tests. Please adhere to the schedule and enter in the data into your spreadsheet once students finish these benchmarks.

Customer Service

Customer service is the name of the game this year. We want our students, parents, and community members to feel welcome and comfortable at HMS. Here are my top 5 tips for providing awesome customer service:

1. Be a good listener

  • This is number one because it is the most important. Students, parents, colleagues...they sometimes just want to be heard. I spend a large part of my day listening to people who aren't very happy with an experience at HMS. Listening is the first step to ensuring that they feel appreciated. Take the time to listen to your students and their parents. This will go a long way!
2. Know how to apologize

  • We all make mistakes. We are human. We have bad days. We say things we shouldn't. But knowing how to apologize is crucial when building relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. Sometimes that is all that needs to be heard. It isn't a sign of weakness, it is a sign of reflection.
3. Validate your customer's concern

  • What may seem as a small part of your day, can be a huge deal to your student and their parents. Take a moment to look through their lens and perception of the situation. Show compassion. Your answer may not change, but your customers should know that you have taken in all the information and that you understand their concern.
4. Make time for the customer

  • We are all busy. Lessons to teach, papers to grade, data to peruse...but our business is kids and forming those relationships with students. Make time for your students. If they have a question, answer it. Even if you have answered 5 times before. If they need to speak with you, make time so that you can give them your full attention. Same goes with parents. Make sure parents don't feel like you are rushed to answer their questions. If it isn't a good time to talk, set up a time that you can call them back (within 24 hours) so that they feel that you are taking them seriously.

  • Smile when you greet parents in the building or out in the community. Smile when you talk to them on the phone. It can be sensed and can help ease a tense situation.

District Initiatives for 2016-2017

  • Customer Service
  • Advocate for all students through the lens of equity
  • Ongoing and Specific Professional Development: technology instructional use, instructional rounds, Ed Camps, Developing district leaders via a Leadership Academy: Principals, Teacher Leaders, Beginning Teachers, assistant principals, and aspiring principals
  • District wide Anti­-Bullying program
  • Utilizing the Central Office Instructional evaluation for 2016-­2017
  • Establish BCPS Foundation with Charter Board members
  • Continue to promote Burke County Public Schools: Family Magazine, Videos­See video, Postscripts, Putnam’s Pen, BCPS Website, Twitter, Facebook, & Accentuating the positive highlights . New promotion methods for 2016­-2017: Movie theater advertisements, New Billboards, 1st Annual BCPS Foundation Golf tournament­ Corporate sponsors: Chartwells, Pierce, Pepsi, 1 st annual BCPS 5K race
  • Introduction to Project Lead the Way: Engineering in Patton and East Burke
  • Pilot Video Conference/Virtual classrooms: From Freedom High School to Draughn and East Burke High Schools & Heritage Middle to Hallyburton Academy
  • Continue to improve Child Nutrition program with Chartwells
  • Continue to promote staff education and certifications to add value to BCPS
  • Continue to work with local partners to prepare our students for the work force and for further secondary education
  • Seek input from Parents/Community/teachers via surveys on academic competitions: What to keep and what to go!: Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Speech Contest, Battle of the Books, Robotics, 3D printing, and others