Riya's Birthday Party

Let's Party!!

Riya is going to turn 11 and she is so excited! she is going to have a sleepover which is going to to be separated because the Indian friends might not get along with her American friends. So what you guys need to bring is:

  • Makeup Kit
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • or a Picture frame
  • ( Anything that is Riya's style)

Riya's Birthday Party

Friday, Jan. 10th, 5pm to Saturday, Jan. 11th, 4:30pm

Tecumseh Dr

Tallahassee, FL

Hopefully you all enjoy it! It's going to be a surprise sleepover!

RSVP: Cell: 850-459-5666

Home: 850-391-3889

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Hope you all enjoy making your own flyers!