BCMS Friday Rewind

Week of October 10th

Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

We had our first Parent Advisory Committee meeting this morning. It was once again so great to hear all of their positive comments on how the school year is going for their child. We heard lots about the new Bison Binders, school start time change, and the road construction outside. The Bison Binders have been a hit and they really have been happy with the idea that this is school wide and all teachers are using the same system! Teacher relationships and a later start for middle school kids came up as huge positives! It is fun for me to look back at what we discussed in previous years; conferences, school start times, scheduling options, and see the changes taking place for the better from their input. The entire committee was supportive of the direction we are heading! Please check out the meeting minutes at the one stop site later today.

Choose your Words Wisely

As you have heard me say multiple times, there are two things we need to stay clear of in the classroom setting with students; the use of intimidation and sarcasm. As far as intimidation goes, we know that positive relationships is the most effective way to get someone to complete a desired task. If a child likes his or her teacher, they are much more likely to engage in the class and learn the material. As we have read from Todd Whitaker, sarcasm is another no no for teacher use in the classroom. Middle school children often do not know how to take these words and are confused on how to take it. I found an article that gives compelling examples of this I wanted to share.


Substitute Teachers at BCMS

It’s that time of year again! Meetings, sick kids, daycare issues, cold and flu season... We know that teachers are going to be gone from work from time-to-time. We also know that the number one factor in student growth and achievement is putting a quality teacher in front of kids. That being said, we can still have productive days when a substitute teacher is fully prepared for the day. Are you setting up your substitute teacher for success? Do students know the classroom expectations for when you are gone? Do students and parents know the consequences (In advance) associated with poor behavior for subs? Do you have seating charts with pictures so subs can put a face to names? Do you have a list of teachers and students the sub can count on for help? I heard one of our teachers last Spring very eloquently state to her class that substitute teachers are “guests” in our classroom and we need to do everything we can to make sure they feel “welcomed and supported.” Do your substitute teachers feel this way when they enter your classroom? Please check out the link below to improve how you and your students prepare your classroom for a positive subbing experience. A good day for our subs is a good day for student learning. Thanks for all you do!


Read, Write, Speak, Think

As we continue on our literacy-focused journey, the phrase “Read, Write, Speak, Think” describes our focus. A simple phrase, with such power. The power of this phrase comes in the everyday activities of our classrooms. Continuing to find moments to motivate and engage our BCMS students in “Read, Write, Speak, Think” so that all BCMS students are college and career ready, but most importantly, so that all BCMS students gain the necessary literacy skills for a successful life!

Looking ahead, we will have our second whole-staff Literacy Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 8:00. During this collaborative time, we will engage in learning a literacy routine from our book 50 Instructional Routines to Develop Content Literacy. Chapter 28: Read, Write, Pair, Share routine incorporates all parts of the "Read, Write, Speak, Think" and will be a great way to kick off our literacy routines!

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  • Wednesday, October 19 - Ignite Learning Day - No School - Breakfast on your own
  • Wednesday, October 26 - Literacy Meeting - 8:00 am - Media Center
  • Wednesday, October 26 - ESP Meeting with Marie - 3:50 pm - Conference Room 100