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News and Views from the October 28, 2019 BOE Meeting

At the October 28th Board of Education Meeting there were two presentations:

  1. Assistant Superintendent Diskin and Supervisor Holly Foley shared Results from 2019 State Assessments (NJSLA, formerly known as PARCC.
  2. Attorney Monica Palestis presented a Training for Board of Education members and the public about Policy and the policy process.

Superintendent's Report

Dr. Burton addressed the following topics in her Superintendent's Report. You can read all of the details here.

  • Emergency Operations Plan: This is the School Safety and Security Plan Annual Review Statement of Assurance for the 2019-2020 school year that approves our district Emergency Operations Plan.

  • Future Ready Schools: Congratulations to all of our schools for now being Bronze Certified in the FRS Program.

  • NJSBA Presentations: Several of our administrators made presentations at the annual School Boards workshop in Atlantic City.

  • Security at school polling site: We will have a security presence at Glenwood while school is in session on Election Day.
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2019-2020 Enrollment Report

We are required to provide our enrollment figures to the State Department of Education as of October 15 each year. See below for the 10/15/19 enrollment snapshot.

Board President's Report and Policy Discussion

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The Policy Committee recently reviewed Policies 2431 and 9270 regarding Athletics and Homeschooling. The committee did a thorough analysis of whether current policy should be revised to allow homeschooled children to participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities.

On October 7, Policy Committee Chair, Cori Haase, read the Policy Committee minutes that include an explanation of the committee's deliberations and decision to make no changes to the current policy.

On October 28, Board President Alex Zaltsman, said in his report:

"At our last meeting the members of the Policy Committee went into great detail on their rationale for not recommending that we change the policy. The Policy Committee chair also read the minutes from the meeting, ...The video of our October 7th meeting is available on the HometowneTV web site.

Today we provided an FAQ that outlines more information on the rationale....We have also provided a copy of the Code of Ethics for School Board Members that is in statute and and we are obligated to follow.

We have provided minutes of every policy committee meeting, made available a video of our Board meeting for anyone to watch, answered every email we received, and today provided additional information to the community in an FAQ document. I support the decision of the Board and stand behind the majority of the voting board members, as required by the Code of Ethics.

This issue is not on our agenda tonight and there are no plans to discuss it further.

Mr. Zaltsman's report continues with a summary of his experiences at the NJSBA Annual Workshop. Please read the rest of Mr. Zaltsman's report here:

Assistant Superintendent's Report

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Assistant Superintendent, Kate Diskin, reported on the following. Please read all of the details here:

Millburn’s Second EdCamp (Goal 3)

We will be hosting our second EdCamp on November 2nd at Washington School from 8:30 to 12:30. The event is an invitation for educators and community members to attend a free exciting day of innovative learning, conversation, and fun!

Global Read Aloud (Goal 3)

During the month of October, Washington School is participating in the Global Read Aloud Project. The premise of the Global Read Aloud is to choose books that give a global connection and read them aloud to students during a 6-week period.

Middle School Papermill Playhouse

On Friday, October 25th The Paper Mill Playhouse generously invited all of our grade 8 students to participate in a showing of “The More Perfect Union” by the Pushcart Players, a spirited folk musical introducing the people and events that led to the writing and signing of our Constitution. This ties in with the Grade 8 curriculum and provided a nice opportunity to learn outside of the classroom!

“LIKE” Documentary (Goal 3)

Thank you to the PTOC (Parent Education Committee) who presented the “LIKE,” documentary last week to more than 250 parents in two screenings. Thanks to our panelists, Lauren Bach, MMS Guidance, Bonnie Loew, Washington Guidance, Linda Randazza, MHS School Psychologist and Reverend Johann Bosman for sharing their insights on this important topic for our teens.

Red Ribbon Week (Goal 3)

Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness campaign. Red Ribbon Week is celebrated during the week of October 23-31 of every year. MMAC (Millburn Municipal Alliance Committee for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention) sponsors Red Ribbon Week this week, by providing all of our students with a variety of activities, assemblies, and a daily assigned theme to remind our children to make healthy decisions. We'd like to thank the Millburn Municipal Alliance Committee for their support of Red Ribbon Week.


  • Girls Volleyball are the Essex County Champions!

  • Field Hockey advanced to the second round of State Tournament. They plan in the sectional semifinals at Middletown tomorrow

  • Girls Soccer (today) First Round of NJSIAA Tournament at home

  • Boys Soccer (tomorrow) First Round of NJSIAA Tournament at home

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The following policies and regulations were posted for first reading at this week's Board of Education meeting. Find the First Reading policies and regulations here. Send questions or comments to

A. Policy 2622: Student State/District Assessments (M)

B. Policy 3159: Teaching Staff Member/School District Reporting Responsibilities (M)

C. Policy/Regulation 3218: Use, Possession or Distribution of Substances (M)

D. Policy/Regulation 4218: Use, Possession or Distribution of Substances (M)

E. Policy/Regulation 6112: Reimbursement of Federal & Other Grant Expenditures (M)

F. Policy/Regulation 7440: School District Security (M)

G. Policy 8600: Student Transportation (M)

H. Regulation 8600: Student Transportation

I. Policy/Regulation 8630: Bus Driver/Bus Aide Responsibility (M)

J. Policy 8670: Transportation of Special Needs Students (M)

K. Policy 9210: Parent Organizations

L. Policy 9400: Media Relations

Comments & Questions

Public comments this week largely centered around the Policy Committee review of Policies 2431 and 9270 regarding Athletics and Homeschooling, and whether current policy should be revised to allow homeschooled children to participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities.

Please see Board President's Report above for response.

Join Us for the Next BOE Meeting - Monday, November 11, 2019 at Millburn Middle School

7:00 PM: C&MP Presentation with Dr. Burton - MMS Library -- Hear about plans for a Cafeteria Addition at the Middle School and other Infrastructure Projects. (Learn more about C&MP)

7:45 PM: BOE Meeting -- MMS Auditorium -- Celebrate our schools' Future Ready Bronze Certifications!

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Want more? Have questions?

See the full AGENDA - 10/28/19

2019-2020 Board & District Goals

Find additional Business, Policy and other AGENDA items from recent meetings. You can always read minutes from Board Committees here.

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