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red symbolizes the struggle against the British before 1952, white symbolizes the end of the monarchy without bloodshed in 1952, black symbolizes the of the oppression of the people of Egypt at the hands of the monarchy and the British colonists after 1952, and the golden eagle of Saladin symbolizes power and strength.
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some popular dishes are Aish, baba Ghanoush, Basbousa, Bram rice, falafel, and fatta.

history of egypt

ancient folktale

there The first king of Egypt was Orisis with his wife Isis. he was a kind king and while he was gone his bother Seth tricked Isis into giving him Orisis measurements. to make a robe when he actually was making a coffin so that it would only fit Osiris. When Osiris came home Seth threw a contest to get a free coffin. When Osiris tried he fit perfectly Seth threw the lid on and sealed the coffin shut with plaster and Osiris suffocated and died. afterward Seth became pharaoh and Isis had a baby and named Horus.
Victory over death

acient gods and goddess and there stories

The Egyptian Gods & Goddesses


this video shows what the gods and goddesses were worshiped for.

opening of the mouth cerimony

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 11:30pm

Al Ahram

Giza Governorate

it is in front of the pharaoh's tomb. It is where they use a hook to open the mouth of the dead to release the ba and the ka. ba means the soul that goes into the pyramid with the body and ka is the soul that goes to the ma'at or the underworld.

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facts about the pyramids


The pyramids would hold three of the most famous pharaohs of all times. The smallest pyramids at the bottom are where the children that died were buried.



The cultures of Egypt are Egyptian, Jewish, and Arabian.