Life at ESMS

By: Mrs. Watkins class, room 408

Tiger Pride : by Brock Hurla

At Excelsior Springs Middle School, we show tiger pride by following the ESMS expectations. When we follow the GRR expectations, we earn tiger paws. We can use tiger paws to trade for incentives. We get incentives by following the Grr Expectations. Incentives can be fun and exciting like tiger pride parties, because you can do whatever you want like using your cell phones but NO iPads. To go to these parties, you need to purchase a ticket with your tiger paws. You can see your teachers and friends. When the party is over, you go to your next required class. In conclusion, tiger pride is showing the ESMS expectations so you can go to tiger pride parties and earn other fun incentives.

All About Science : by Ryan Driver

At Esms everyone takes science class. So far this year we have learned about a lot of things. We learned about plant cells and other living things we also learned about how to use a microscope and studied its parts. I really like science. We do fun activities in science. We did an activity with gummy bears. First we got some gummy bears. Next we put some of them in a cup of salt water and some of them in a cup of regular tap water. last we measured them to see how long or short the gummy bears got. This activity was really fun. At Esms science class is a fun place to be.

History at ESMS : by Bradin Gooding

History is a fun place to learn, we do a lot of different things in history class. We use writing tools in history class. Once we made a graphic organizer about the history of the world! We also move around the room and work in stations that help us learn. We learn about countries and ages throughout world history. I love learning about how people survived and the different tools and weapons used in history. In our last unit we learned about the Stone Age, we played a game of jeopardy to help us learn more. One thing I learned about the Stone Age was that the people trained dogs to hunt with them. After we learn about something new, we take an assessment over what we learned. Now you know how history Goes at ESMS.

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Routines and Procedures at ESMS : by Sage Stephenson

Hi there, do you like rules? Well, if you said no, you should've said yes because rules keep you and everyone around you safe. At ESMS even the school bus we ride has rules. For instance, at we are required to sit down in a seat and let the driver drive. Please don't mess with the emergency exit or emergency switches that are on the Windows because then the bus will have to stop and everyone will be late for school. Inside our school has rules also, like don't run in the hallways, and get to your classes on time. Our classrooms have expectations as well, like do what you need to do before class such as getting a drink or using the restroom, get what you need out of your locker visit with your friends on your time, not class time. You are not, I mean not allowed to pull the fire alarms. Those are for emergencies only. The cafeteria also has rules to like eat your food ,and don't trade food ,and do not eat someone else's food. Do you know that even the library has rules also,like don’t yell and read a book quietly. remember rules are important and don't break them, because someone's always watching you.

At ESMS We Like to Stay Fit : by Andrew fry

At ESMS it is important to stay in shape. One way we do this is by participating in P.E class. We play many sports such as football and dodgeball. We play games in the gym most of the time, but sometimes we play games outside. Sometimes after we play a game, we take a test. When we play dodgeball, we have teams, to win you need to get everyone out on the other team. When we play football we also need to make teams. In football you need to make as many touchdowns as possible. If you are on defense you need to stop the offense from making a touchdown. I like football a lot but that's my opinion That's how the students at ESMS stay in shape.

IPADS for Education : By Skyler Joe Clemons

Have you ever wondered what we do on our iPads at school? I have written many papers on my iPad, it's great for things like that! Once, we went to the learning commons to learn about checking out books on my iPad. If you play games on your iPad at school you might get restricted. I can't wait to get off of restriction. I love that we can take our iPad home and play games on them, but that's not all they are good for. We use lots of apps for education on our iPads like google classroom to stay connected with our teachers and turn in assignments, epic to read books, and kahoot is a fun way to study and take quizzes. We also use popplet to make graphic organizers. I really like having an iPad to help me learn.