Common Core

Abbie, Alisha, Moira, Sarah


Common Core (CC) should not be implemented in public schools nationwide because it is destructive to students' overall learning experience and performance.


The Common Core was meant to go hand in hand with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) a well-intentioned initiative that failed. The standards were created by people who do not know what works for teachers and what does not. Creators of the common core used the Great Recession to manipulate states into adopting the standards with the appeal of government funding.
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The Common Core curricula was created by government agencies who have little or no experience in education. Although they claim that teachers had input in the creation of the standards, the effects of the implementation would only harm teachers.

As states adopt this canned curriculum, the value of teachers will be lost as will the art of teaching. When teachers are compromised the education system disintegrates. Teachers have little faith or understanding in the Common Core which makes it impossible to teach effectively.

Local Sovereignty

The CC standards were deceptively presented as another set of state standards when in reality they were always meant to be a, "de facto set of national standards" (Wood 29). The CC overrides the local authority of educators and school districts by specifically dictating what is to be taught as well as the methodology.

If the evidence still is not enough Indiana has set the course that many states will likely follow. Indiana had previously adopted the CC but has gone back to repeal at least part to adapt the standards to the needs of their students.

Empirical Data

While the CC was meant to generate more academic rigor by standardizing teaching methodology it really only hurts students academically (Ujifusa 11).

-In grades 3-8 proficiency in New York students English skills fell 24%

-In math the same students fell 33.8%


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