Point of View

Dr. Wise

Point of View

I can identify the point of view of a text.

I can write a response using a different point of view.


1. Read the Author's Point of View Poster, write down the names of the three types of points of view on paper, and write down what each one means

2. Watch the two videos about author's point of view

3. Watch the powerpoint on point of view

4. Play the two point of view games on your own

5. Reflect on what you have learned about point of view. Write a summary or make a fact poster using notebook paper to showcase what you learned from this website about point of view.

6. Share something with the class about what you learned about Point of View. Use the Padlet button.

7. Complete the Flocabulary assignments.

8. Listen and watch the three different versions of the three little pig stories. After each story, give text evidence on what point of view each story was written in on the Padlets.

9. Write an essay about your favorite version of the three little pigs, and give text evidence on the point of view.

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Point of View
Flocabulary: Point of View Assignments

Your username is your computer username and your password is your computer password plus your initials.

Padlet: Share something you learned about point of view

Make sure you write grammatically correct sentences. Capitalize the first word in your sentences and make sure you use correct end marks at the end of your sentences.

Compare and Contrast Different Points of View


Point of View Essay Assignment

1. Read the three stories about three different versions of the three little pigs

2. Read Dr. Wise's essay and use it to guide you into writing your own essay

3. You will write your own point of view essay about your favorite version of the three little pigs. You will give evidence on how you know what point of view the story was written in.