iPad info

Booking Instructions

If you are reading this then you must be considering using the iPads in your class, brilliant!You can book them out two weeks in advance. Please write your initials/ class in the appropriate time slot and also how many you need.Each iPad has a numbered ‘wallpaper’ (screen background) so that the user is able to make a note of which they were using if they want to continue work at a later time. You can also book specific iPads for this purpose, make a note of the ones you want on the timetable e.g iPads1-5.Please replace the iPads in the correct slot in the storage unit, plug them in to charge and make sure the wires are neat. It is really important that the iPads are returned promptly ready for the next user.If you come across any apps that you would like to be downloaded to the iPads please write the name and the price in Sarah’s notebook found in the storage unit.Emma, Danielle and Sarah can offer support with the use of the iPads, so please ask if you need help or ideas. Enjoy!