Charles Darwin

known for his theory of evolution

Charles died from a heart attack April 19, 1882. He was 73.

Charles had a family of four girls, six boys and, a wife.

Charles created the theory of evolution.

Charles's theory is taught in schools today.

A heart attack is a blockage of blood flow to the heart muscles.

Interesting Facts

He did not tell anybody about his theory of evolution for 20 years.

Keeping this secret made him sick and started his heart condition.


Clumsy - awkward in movement or action

Bloated - swollen

Summoned- to call upon to do something specific

Momentoe- object that reminds one of a person


1842- Darwin has his family move to London.

1846- Charles begins an 8 year study of one speacis of barnicle.

1859- Darwin releases his book, the origin of species.

1881- Charles starts to experience pain in his chest.

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