Nucleic Acid

by Dinah Fields, Heather Vaughn, Torri Woods

What are the parts?

Nucleotides are made up of 3 parts: 5 carbon sugars, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base.

The 5 nitrogenous bases are: Thymine, Uracil, Cytosine, Adenine, and Guanine.

What does it do? How does it help?

Why exactly is nucleic acid important?

Well it carries DNA. This is the thing that allows traits to pass from generation to generation.

This is helpful because not only do they make up what we look like, but they tell our body how to function.

Edited by Heather, Dinah, and Torri

Where is it?

Nucleic Acid is in everything that has a Deoxyribonucleic (DNA) makeup. This can go from food like fruits to food like fish. Also every person has their own DNA make up. In almost every cell of our body there is DNA strands. Going along with DNA, Ribonucleic (RNA) acts like a messenger for the DNA. Telling the synthesis of proteins what the DNA wants it to do.