Digital Story Telling


I picture myself being a dentist. I will go to the University of Michigan than move to California because of the warm weather. I plan to be a pediatric dentist while dancing in college as well.

I have always been hard working and strive to be the best I can be. Not only do I multi-task very well, but I put in full effort in whatever I am assigned. Though I am a bit of a procrastinator, I love to do whatever is the most challenging. I never give up without giving a task a shot.

I would like to make at least 100,000 or more per year to have the future I am visioning. I would like to live in a big house along the beach so my goal is to make as much as I can.


I would LOVE to go to the University of Michigan to major in dentistry. To be a pediatric dentist in the future it would require a lot of schooling including:

  • Completed bachelors degree
  • Pass DAT (Dentals Admissions test)
  • Four years of study to earn Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Up to 8+ years of college


Average between 200,000- 300,000


I want to live in Los Angeles, California. I love the warm weather and many opportunities/tourist attractions. I will leave in a beach house, preferably a larger one. I will live with a husband and kids. My dentist salary as well as my husbands (who is a lawyer) will cover the cost to live in this expensive place

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

I have some strengths that will help me very much in the real world. I am hard working and try my best to achieve anything I put my mind to. Not only do I always stay on task but I can multi-task very well to be the best I can be. I am very cooperative and open minded.

Some weaknesses I have is being to hard on myself and being stubborn at times. I also procrastinate A LOT.

Some opportunities are having an education and getting a good career.

I have a few threats like how my dream job is far away and traveling could occur often.

Abilities and interests

I really love to do hands on learning and gaining more knowledge. I am a fast working person and always stay on task.

I am able to work well with computers, people, communicate well, etc.

I am very artistic and creative.