The Holocaust

Kennedy Spencer Academic 3

Have you ever heard anybody talking about the Holocaust? The Holocaust was a horrible time in history that happened during World War II when a lot of Jewish people were killed.The Holocaust killed innocent Jewish adults, children, and other people who Hilter didn't like he also killed when they arrived in concentration camps. Over all Hilter was responsible for the mass murder of many innocent people.

Hilter killed many Jew in concentration camp. Concentration camps are what they used in the Holocaust when you arrive in the concentration camps after a couple of hours of arriving they bring you their and kill you.They do it to adults and kids of any gender boy or girl and they also separate parents for kids and brother from sisters and they don't get to see them until a long time.

To sum this all up the Holocaust is a really bad situation that happened during WWll.Now you don't have to worry about it.Many jews were killed and never able to see their family again because they were separated and their family will go separated ways and them may never see them again because while one person is their in the concentration camp the other one many be died.