How To Solve With Social Justice

A Problem Gripping Our City

At least 10,000 people are homeless each night in Metro-Atlanta

40% of these people are women and children

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Quick Facts - Sojourners "They Saved My Life"

  1. No One Tries to Become Homeless - The article opens up and one of the first things that Dee Curry says is that she "did not intend to become homeless." She had a good job and life, but she went through a struggle and became homeless after some bad decisions.
  2. People Mistreat Homeless - People are not always the nicest to homeless people. They do not trust homeless people or mistreat them because they think of themselves as better. This results in homeless people being mistrustful of other people even if their intentions are to help.
  3. First They Need A Home - Homeless people say the first thing they need is a home. After that is provided they can then work on getting cleaned up and getting a meaningful job.

What YOU can do to HELP

Homeless people just want to feel human. They need things as simple a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Please email the following letter to the big brand toothpaste companies that you know.

Email Encouraging Action

Dear (Colgate, Crest, Arm&Hammer, or Oral-B),

Brushing one's teeth is a luxury that all people should be able to enjoy. Homeless people all want to feel human. They deserve the simple luxury of a toothbrush and toothpaste so that they can make their mouths clean.

Thinking about what could be done about this issue, I decided that I would reach out to some of the big brand toothpaste companies to see if they would be willing to do something for this cause. I know that each of these successful companies would most likely have the ability to donate to these causes.

This is why your company is receiving my email. I encourage people on your consulting or management teams to talk about what your company could do to help the homeless, and I hope that they may be able to start some sort of campaign to help or give back to the communities around your businesses. Just remember that products as simple as a mini-toothbrush and a tube less than an ounce of toothpaste can make a significant difference in the life of a homeless person.

Thank you for your attention,

[Your Name]