by Aishat Sheriff

Resources and Economy

What natural resources can be found in this country and how do they help people? The natural resources are beef, corn, soybeans, and wheat. These natural resources would help people by giving them meals to eat. Farmers can earn a lot of money for selling these natural resources. Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries during the 20th century because of these natural resources.


What holidays are celebrated in Argentina and why are they celebrated? Holidays celebrated in Argentina are July 9th, Independence Day; May 25th, the anniversary of the 1810 revolution, when Buenos Aires citizens set up an independent government.


What are the advantages of living in the pampas? Living on pampas is a good way to earn money as a farmer. Agriculture is very important to Argentina's economy. Farmers grow large amounts of wheat, corn, and sunflower seeds here. Pampas are also home to cattle and sheep. In the 19th century, gauchos would roam pampas, and tamed horses and cattle. Gauchos still do this today.


How did Argentina win their independence and from whom? After the British Invasion, mixed sentiments dominated the settlers. The growing nationalist sentiment combined with the growing independence movement and the influence of such thinkers as Simon Bolivar, led a group of influential creoles in Buenos Aires to rebel against the Spanish authorities on May 25th, 1810, forming the Primera Junta (first government). Military campaigns led by General Jose de San Martin between 1814 and 1817, which gave some strength to the factions that supported the independence movement.