Pyramid Construction Hieroglyphics

What do hieroglyphics tell us about pyramid construction?

Background information

The pyramids are one of Earth's many questions. There are hundreds of theories that explain how they were built. No one knows for sure how the huge structures were created, mostly because no evidence of blueprints was discovered whatsoever. So, the scientists found the hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptian language that was carved on the inside and outside of the pyramids. There are some pretty crazy theories that scientists have found, but all have a reason.


  • Copper tools (copper is a very weak metal)
  • Wood
  • Rope
  • Stone chisels
There is proof of all of these tools being used, but no evidence of anything else.

Hieroglyphics Extra Info

  • Hieroglyphics are the oldest form of writing
  • hieroglyphics include small pictures that are read as phrases, rater than words. The type of hieroglyphics that I am referring to are complete pictures and not the writing
  • Mainly royalty, priests, civil officers and a small population of Egyptians used it because it's difficult to learn and time consuming to create
  • The hieroglyphics were extremely detailed and explained many experiences the Egyptians had
  • The hieroglyphics were used to document important occurrences
  • Most hieroglyphics have been destroyed over time, the ones that have remained intact are falling apart and pieces are missing

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Giants Theory

One of the many theories, and one of the most popular, is that giants, ranging from 3-7 meters (9.8-23 feet) tall built the pyramids. This theory was created because, if you look closely at the pictures below, you will see that the hieroglyphics that the Egyptians carved show people nearly three times taller than us. The Egyptians carved the hieroglyphics with so much detail, how could they get the height wrong?

Aliens Theory

Another crazy theory, next to the giants, are the aliens. Historians have found hieroglyphics that have UFOs (the flying saucer shape) and high tech pictures drawn into them. Also, scientists have found skulls that have very long foreheads, and quite a few other artifacts. Aliens are probably the most common and popular theory. Even though not many people believe that the aliens built the pyramids, historians and scientists keep finding evidence of the aliens, forcing people to believe. Although the aliens theory seems very unrealistic, there is so much proof that they did build the pyramids. Like I said in the giants part, the hieroglyphics are so detailed, so why would they document something with such great detail, only to be made up?

Slaves Theory

The slaves theory is probably the most believable and most reasonable. The slaves theory is that hundreds of thousands of slaves built the ramps, poured the blocks, hauled the blocks around 500 miles to the pyramid and was able to bring the 3 ton limestone blocks to the pyramid and stack them in a perfect formation. After reading what human slaves had to do to build the Pyramids, the giants and aliens are starting to sound more realistic and reasonable.

But if the slaves did build the pyramids, they would not have gotten such luxurious burial chambers. Those were for the Pharoahs and their families.

Another reason this could be possible though is that there are hieroglyphics that show hundreds of people (some say giants, some say they are slaves) pulling a giant statue. There are a few people on the wooden sled-like platform, pouring water in front of it. This causes the sand to clump up which makes sliding over the sand easier and helps with the prevention of the huge statue sinking into the sand.

The pyramids construction is most likely not slaves, but farmers who needed work to support their families when the Nile flooded.

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