Down The Rabbit Hole

An Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams


Down The Rabbit Hole is a thrilling mystery that revolves around the life of one girl named Ingrid Levin-Hill in the town of Echo Falls. The story begins with a disastrous calamity when Ingrid unintentionally leaves her dearly beloved soccer cleats at the house of a very uncanny figure that goes by the nickname of Cracked up - Katie. As the story continues, Ingrid stumbles upon a public announcement that fathoms and reports the death of former Echo Falls resident Katie Kovac also known as cracked up -Katie. The News report clarifies that Katie was found dead in her home on the day Katie and Ingrid had confronted each other. A feeling of distress overcomes Ingrid as she arranges a plan to retrieve her red soccer cleats inside of Katie's house. In the moment of her sly scheme an odd, menacing individual appears provoking Ingrid to flee from the unknown individuals visibility. As the strange figure slips away she notices that a flyer is missing. This flyer was specifically designed for the advertising of a play called "Dial M for Murder" as Ingrid recalls. Due to this forced entry police forces worked to commence a search for the criminals. Overtime Cheif Strade also known as her friends dad becomes aware of the missing soccer cleats from the murder scene of Katie. This certain purloin was a crucial hint to determine who the anonymous individual was, thus promoting the motive to personally solve this puzzling manifestation for Ingrid. In the midst of deciphering the mystery Ingrid auditioned for a play called "Alice in Wonderland". There at the auditions she meets a questionable man named Vincent Dunn. Ingrid eventually ends up being casted as the lead role of Alice. Meanwhile, two men were arrested for being suspected of murdering Katie Kovac. As she continues to solve and find out more and more about about the convict who killed Katie she begins to uncover undisclosed secrets about those who she suspected as being the murderer of cracked up- Katie. Eventually, Ingrid comes to a point where she begins to cautiously interrogate Vincent Dunn and slowly contradicts he has something to do with the death of Cracked up- Katie. Although she is beginning to solve this deviant mystery, Cheif Strade is also beginning to suspect Ingrid had relation to the removal of the soccer cleats ; despite how far-fetched it appeared as. Later in the story, the director of the current production "Alice In Wonderland" gets severely injured , enabling Vincent to become the new director. Conclusively, Ingrid realizes that Vincent had a slip up during one of their conversations they had and discovers that Vincent had indeed killed Katie Kovac. It was until then before Ingrid stumbles upon Vincent physically digging up both Philip Prescott and Katie Kovacs body as he simply expresses the reason for why he killed them and admits he really is David Vardack. Eventually, Ingrid experiences a near death experience when Vincent attempts to get rid of her like her did with Philip and Katie, by murdering her. In conclusion, Ingrid survived the vicious attack and solves the case of Cracked Up- Katie's death.


The authors message to the readers was that in order for you to arrive at the best solution of a bad situation you must follow your instinct.


This engaging story takes place in the town of Echo Falls (Specifically in Connecticut). Several places that seems to be most significant and mentioned often throughout the story are Prescott Hall and Katie Kovac's house.


The Metaphor...

The title of this amazing mystery novel is a play by play on the concept of the book itself .It begins in midst of the story when Ingrid joins the play of a famed tale called "Alice In Wonderland", a portion of story line in this tale involves a jittery White Rabbit who leads Alice down his rabbit hole into the land of wonderland. Thus Peter Abraham prepares a metaphor referring to this passage meaning that each time in the story when Ingrid became closer and closer to discovering who the culprit was she had instinctively gone deeper in her trip "down the rabbit hole".


BY : Lauren Tacbas, 6-1 encore