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September 27, 2019

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Hi Team 8!

It's the 7th week of school! Just a reminder that we now have 9 week grading periods. Students will have at least 7 assessments in each class by the end of the grading period. Please make sure that your student is studying each night and getting rest so that they can do their best on these assessments!
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This week students have been working solving equations with variables on both sides and multi-step equations. Students took their Unit 1 quiz 1 over solving multi step equations. If they are not happy with their grades, they may schedule a time with me to review before or after school. If they want to make corrections to their assessment, they must schedule the study time with me.
Solving equations with the distributive property | Linear equations | Algebra I | Khan Academy

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Karissa Hammock



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The PDF shows the files that are due for Sound and Light Chapter 2.

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U.S. History

American History ~ Mrs. Reilly

Hello All!

A quick update for you about what is going on in U.S. History!

As of right now we have shifted from the United States history timeline, and we are focusing on the foundation of our government and what powers it has and what powers it does not have!

Monday we took the whole day to start our Cornell notes and what it means to take good notes. Inside those notes we wrote about the 3 branches of government, division of powers, and checks and balances. We also went over the requirements to become president! I also promised any one in my class that I would vote for them for president.... fingers crossed! :)

Tuesday we REVIEWED the same notes we took before and wrote short summaries over the main topics. This was a crucial step in our learning because writing the notes is pointless and a waste of time if you don't review and refresh the information! On this day we also prepped for the Socratic circle we had on Wednesday!

Just like I said above we had a Socratic circle on Wednesday! The question of the debate was "which branch of government is the least important and should be eliminated?" Some of your students really blew me away with their answers and evidence!

Thursday and Friday we focused on the Bill of Rights and how we as U.S. citizens have rights that cannot be taken away and are protected by the government. We involved art, a little debate, and games to our class and they were very successful.

I say it all the time, and I'll say it again. I love my students. Thank you for your support and care for them.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at Jillianreilly@usd475.org

Or at extension 4864

Instagram: mrs.reillyu.s.history19_20

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A message from Mrs. Oentrich for JCMS Team 8 Families can be found at this link: http://bit.ly/2kd77cE

This week students will be wrapping up our second short story of the year: "The Necklace" by French author Guy de Maupassant. This story had quite the plot twist and fit in perfectly with our Unit 1 Essential Question: how and why is truth manipulated? To end our time with this story, students will be writing an argumentative paragraph that explains how "The Necklace" answers our essential question. This will be their second writing assessment of the year! Be on the lookout for the feedback I give your student on this piece.

At the end of this week, we will start our final short story for Unit 1: the infamous "Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe.

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Foundations Language Arts

Hello Everyone!

October is almost here, which means we will begin another round of ISIP testing for the new month. This will measure each student's reading current readability level, focusing on skills such as word analysis, text fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and overall reading.

We have finished Unit-1, Lesson-1, and we are now focusing on Theme and Summarizing within Lesson-2. Students are learning the ways to identify Theme, and that it is not always stated, but implied. There can also be more than one theme in a story or piece of literature. Students have been taking notes in their INB's to stay organized, and so they may refer back to these as they may need to.

Students are required to write in their agendas each day when they enter the classroom prior to completing their bell-work. It is a participation grade each week, and parents can see what students are doing in class each day.

HOMEWORK: Students receive a homework reading log at the beginning of each week, and it is due every Friday. They are required to read at home for at least 15-minutes each night (Monday-Thursday), and complete the log/questions. Students must remember to turn in on Friday. The reading log was placed in Schoology this week so that students could access it electronically as well if they would prefer to type it.

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Please Don't Be Absent!

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success—both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school.

When students are absent for fewer days, their grades and reading skills often improve—even among those students who are struggling in school. Students who attend school regularly also feel more connected to their community, develop important social skills and friendships, and are significantly more likely to graduate from high school, setting them up for a strong future.

But when kids are absent for an average of just two days of school per month—even when the absences are excused– it can have a negative impact.As a parent, you can prepare your child for a lifetime of success by making regular school attendance a priority.

For more information, you can visit http://absencesaddup.org/importance-of-school-attendance/

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