So much to celebrate as we enter the homestretch of SY18-19.

May SEL Newsletter

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Celebrating Success!

Article Reflection

Congratulations on another year of learning and success, everybody! We are #AISDProud of our #AISDHome.

How do you celebrate successes - of yourself, your students, your classroom, your campus?

Suggested Activities for Students

Create an end of the year portfolio with your students to highlight all the learning they accomplished this year. Ask students to share the portfolio with their classmates. Students can comment on each others successes to build a strong classroom community and teach the power of celebrating.

Celebrating Student Success

Video Reflection

What tactics have you used to celebrate your student's achievements and help them with goal-setting?

Get Your Read On!

Suggested Activities for Families

Create a visual representation with your child of all they learned this school year. Make a video at the end of each school year of your children sharing their celebrations. Ask your child each day, "what is one thing you did today that you are proud of?"

Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness: Professional Learning Opportunities

The office of Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness is offering five summer professional learning sessions that help educators, staff, and community members engage in critical self-reflection around personal identity, implicit bias, and the power that our words and actions have over others.

Participants will build an understanding around:

  • race and its impacts on students and staff
  • messages we internalize from our environment
  • deficit/asset language
  • culturally responsive restorative practices
  • creating a sense of belonging for families
  • building an anti-racist educator's lens
  • taking action in our daily professional practice

Isolating Race is the prerequisite course. Staff may register for the additional four courses upon completion of the Isolating Race course. All of the CP&I sessions count towards exchange days and GT updates. Space is limited, so sign up through the HCP today!

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