the sewing machine

stitching a mark in history

history of the sewing machine

in 1755 a man named charles Fredrick weisenthal pattent a device to help with sewing. in 1790 a guy name thomas saint invented the first sewing machine. He used a simple stitching pattern poking a hole then pulling the thread through. the first sewing machine was made in 1814. sewing machines were created during the industrial revolution and were used because manual sewing took longer than manufacturing.Elias howe invented and pattend the sewing machine in 1846.

Ellias Howe

how it works

The sewing machine works with a simple stitching pattern. one of the needles has a hole for threading. the needle goes up and down one of them poking a hole in the fabric, the other pulling the thread through the fabric,and there is a device under the fabric pulling the thread through other thread creating a stitch, as shown below.
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the sewing machine has evolved somewhat. they are much more complicated than they used to be. as you can tell the mechanics are different in old and new sewing machines. the new one uses electricity, and the old one doesn't. the old one is dependant on the foot pedal and the foot pedal makes the things move with moves the needles. the new ones do it faster and more electricity so you have to plug it in. There are many benefits such as mass production, without the mass production, I would not have uggs, because they'd be more expensive than they are.
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Sewing machine animation

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