The Abuse of the Modern World


Although traditional bullying methods are still more common, cyberbullying is beginning to take its toll on teens at increasing levels.

Forms of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can occur through:

  • emails
  • texting
  • social media websites (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc)
  • anonymous chat rooms (

The Demographic

  • Girls are twice as likely as boys to be affected by or incite a cyberbullying incident.
  • Cyberbullying heavily affects the LBGTQ community.


It is far too easy for teens, unprepared for the danger of social media, to create a social media account. With just the click of a button they are online. In order to increase online safety, perhaps those looking to create a social networking account should be required to read and be aware of the dangers of cyberbullying and have parental permission to navigate to certain domains.

Additionally, all accounts should be private unless explicitly shared with another person, and all users should have the ability to block other users and their posts.

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