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What's Going On In Tangerine County, Florida

What is going on in Lake Windsor?

  • New houses are now up for sale.
  • One dead after lightning strikes football field.
  • More fires are occurring to make more room for houses.
  • School has STARTED!
  • The fire department has enlisted the help of more volunteers.
  • New wooden portables are taking the place of classrooms at the middle school.
  • P.E. has been put on hold because of the rain for many schools.
  • New Deputy Director of Civil Engineering has been chosen.
  • Home Owners Association is being protested because of excess smog from fires.
  • New soccer goalie Paul Fisher is giving competitors a run for their money.

Neighbor Highlight: The Fishers

As most of you may know a new family has moved in with a star football player, Erik Fisher, and a strong goalie, Paul Fisher. These two people, yet brothers, are totally different people.Paul is the younger of the two in the seventh grade. Erik is the older in his senior year. Erik is the most popular of the two with his amazing field goal kicking skills. Paul is a great goalie but is not very popular and is often mistreated because of his glasses. These two brothers are very different but they are very good at their own sports and are family.

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Breaking News!

Football player Mike Costello has died. On Tuesday, September 5 Mike Costello died during football practice. As a thunderstorm was approaching they began to see lightning. The team just dismissed it and went on with their practice. Mike made the tragic decision to lean on the goal post which ultimately led to his death. Lightning struck the giant metal goal post which electrocuted Mike Costello and flung him into the air burning the side of his body. Immediately the team rushed over and called 911. Within 5 minutes the medics arrived but where unable to revive him. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Please keep the Costello in your mind and pray for them. R.I.P Mike Costello.

Month of the Young Adolecent

There are many issues that need to be fixed in Tangerine County, Florida. Bullying is one of them. Bullying causes bad grades in school, kids who can't concentrate, and in more severe cases not going to school at all. Also students can have mental illness like ADHD and not accept it leading to bad grades also and concentration issues. Also suicide is a big problem. Students can be bullied or teased by other people leading to them either hurting theirselves or more severely, committing suicide.


Soccer tryout Monday-Wednesday.


  • Plenty of water
  • Cleats
  • Transportation
  • Shin Guards
  • Goalie gloves (if needed)

  1. Each player will have a chance to play their primary positions and try out other positions. They will be evaluated on their skills at these positions.
  2. Next the coaches will have passing drills to see how the players interact with each other.
  3. Then the coaches will separate the goalie from the rest of the group and have the other players and coaches shoot on them.
  4. The coaches will then talk to the players and end the tryouts.
Parents will know within a week if their kid has made the team. If you do not receive an email within this time period you kid did not make the cut but is encouraged to try again next year.