Lesson 7: Business

By Emma Davis

Can you guess the word?

In the court room, George used his knowledge of the criminal's previous felonies as the basis for his __________, claiming that the man was guilty of the robbery.
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Did you guess correctly?

The word is...


  1. A proposition offered as a basis for argument
  2. In logic, each of the first two propositions in a syllogism
Ex. All people experience conflicts; I am a person; therefore I experience conflicts.

The word premises is used in reference to a building and its grounds. For example:

When visiting the Biltmore Estate, one may tour the premises including the gardens, the winery, and the horse barns.

Alternate Forms

premise (v.): (used only as a legal term) to set forth before hand, as a way of explanation or introduction


Comes from the roots MITTO, MITTERE, MISI, MISSUM derived from Latin and meaning "to send,"

Synonyms and Antonyms








Ways to Remember the Word

It has the same letter as its major synonym, proposition:



Also, a premise is the base of an argument. So...

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Choose the sentence that uses the word incorrectly:

A) Ms. Green used the major premise, "all men are mortal," with the minor premise, "John is a man," to construct the full syllogism; "All men are mortal, John is a man, John must be mortal."

B) Morgan's premise to argue against school uniforms was that by making is mandatory for students to wear certain things, the student body will not be able to express their creativity and who they are.

C) Ken toured the hotel's various premises including the indoor pool and the restrooms.

D) It is necessary to be able to construct a premise to support your argument when in the Speech and Debate club.