JB's Space Agency

Get the real space experience.

Blast Off

As a kid, we all wanted to travel to space. Now you can! JB's Space Agency offers a fabulous trip up into space! We offer a seven day trip of exploring the whole galaxy and all of the marvelous mysteries inside of it! Our amazing trip cost only $600,000 per person. with the trip you get a 3 king size bed suite, complementary meals, and your own tour guide! So, what are you waiting for! Come to space today!!!!!

What you'll see on this trip......

Red Giant

You might think the sun is big, but have you seen this star! The red giant star comes after a star's main sequence. After all the hydrogen is used up, the star expands and cools down, which makes any red star, the coolest star. Even though the outside of these stars are expanding, the core is shrinking. Very cool sight to see!
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Big image

Open/Globular Cluster

You'll spend a lot of time in these clusters and you won't even know it! Open clusters are a loose grouping of stars that contain young, hot stars. Globular clusters are a large group of old stars. They are closely packed together in a symmetrical form.


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