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Chloe + Isabel by Split Pea Jewelry, May 25th

Memorial Day Sale!

Exciting news for those of you waiting for a sale to purchase a piece of the Amalfi Coast collection! Buy 2 great pieces and get 1 FREE! This deal applies to the entire collection - so start shopping ... sale ends Monday!
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Prom Court ... what?

Some of you may have heard that our small Catholic high school nominated our daughter to the Prom Court for the upcoming senior prom this weekend. What drama you ask? Let me catch you up:

5/18 - informed by teacher of nomination and instructions

5/20 - invited to prom by good friend


5/23 AM - told parents of the invitation to prom

5/23 PM - told parents on prom court - need better dress - alterations - money for prom!

5/23 Late PM - picked up dress at Nordstrom Rack for $57

5/24 - alterations managed by best friend's mom to accommodate 5'1 girl using walker and shoe shopping

The one thing I don't have to worry about is the BLING! Chloe + Isabel super personal shopper mom to the rescue!

Our entire family was touched by the nomination. It's a beautiful thing to have recognition of our daughter's spirit and the joy she brings to her school. Her daily struggles are huge - but her smile is infectious. The students at her school have shown her the love and support she deserves and the sacrifices we have made to provide the education are truly rewarding.

Daisy's Prom Style!

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Rent Prom Accessories for FREE!

Need to borrow some bling for your prom? Schedule an appointment to come on over! FREE rental with a $30 purchase or rent a full set of jewelry for only $20. I have lots of great styles for both Chloes and Isabels.

Jennifer Atkins - Hairdresser to the Stars

There is exciting news happening in the Hair Accessory world. Jen Atkins, the hairdresser to many stars including the Kardashian crowd, Christina Aguilera and Jenna Dewan Tatum. Jen has also worked with some of the most talented designers, such as one of my personal favorites, Rachel Zoe! Jen and Chloe + Isabel CEO Chantel Waterbury have been secretly working on a line of fabulous hair accessories featuring Chantel's top notch quality and Lifetime warranty and Jen's trendy and creative designs. 30+ pieces are due to be released next month! Keep an eye out and get your locks looking extra special this summer!
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Gabby Jacobsen, merchandiser

Happy birthday month to my niece, Amanda. Not only has she got great style, but her kind heart and energetic nature is inspiring!