Norwegian Forest Cats

By Victoria Slough

The Mystery Cat

The cat native to Norway, with a history going back hundreds, probably thousands of years ago, showed up in fairy tales and legends as one being a Norse goddess, where or how the cat originated still remands a mystery, The Norwegian Forest Cat has a mysterious reputation. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very hyperactive breed of cat. They are really friendly towards humans, dogs, and sometimes children but it depends on the type of Forest Cat you buy. This essay is all about Norwegian Forest Cats but only there qualities or personality.

Forest Cat Facal Structer

When the Norwegian Forest Cat is seen from the front, the head is shaped like a triangle that is formed by equal distant lines from the base of its puffed ears to the tip of its strong chin. The chin in a straight line with the nose. The Norwegian Forest Cat has a Wegie. A Wegie stands out its double coat of many different colors and patterns. The Wegie resembles The Main Coon. It’s possible that The Norwegian Forest Cat and The Main Coon are related. But they have differences too.

Forest Cat Personality

Norwegian Forest Cats are generally friendly, there highly intelligent and there alert. Norwegian Forest Cats enjoy attention that comes from being clicker-trained and taught tricks that challenge the brain. Norwegian Forest Cats are flexible and get along with other cat breeds, dogs, and even small children but as generally cat people know that each and every cat have a different personality or the way they act. Norwegian Forest Cats if in a household with other people will be extremely loyal to one person. That doesn’t mean they are not friendly to other people in the household, just dire more attention to one person.