being a pilot

by: troymcknight

about being a pilot

a pilot is a amazing job and one of the best jobs delectable being a pilot you have so many amazing and fun adventures and flying to some of the most beautiful places in the world being a pilot is not just not about seeing everything its about the once in a life time experience of flying and controlling a plane and taking off at anytime to go fly

pre collage

well for the most part for being a pilot collage is not really a requirement you can get a job being a commercial pilot in 2-4 years all you need is to get your expert pilots licance it would help if you where a good student in math and sci because the things you will have to do in the cockpit will all have to to subjects in them but if you do want to go to a collage


after collage

after collage

after you have graduated collage you should get you expert collage licences and be able to start looking for jobs in the real world pilot jobs are not hard to come by because there are not to many people that are expert pilots and always a need for new ones

possible jobs

possible jobs are all the major airlines you wont become a pilot at first you will be put in a assistant pilot role and co fly but if that dose not suite you then you can always become a sports flyer with is competing and also a cooperate pilot witch may only fly 2-5 days in a YEAR and at base salary get play 350,000 you will be flying around the big men in companies and attending there needs