2019-2020 Budget Highlights

Kenilworth Public Schools

Our School Budget

At its April 29, 2019 meeting, the Kenilworth Board of Education held its annual budget hearing and had its final budget adoption. Budget highlights are bulleted below.

Our 2019-2020 Budget Supports and Prioritizes:

Curriculum & Instruction

*Curriculum & instruction resource updates across the district

*New & revised course offerings at Brearley Middle-High School

*Expansion of Go Math to Grade 7

*Transition of Harding Library into an Innovative, Research & Design Space

*Expansion of special education support

*The restoration of a free PK program

Professional Learning

*Implementation of Tools of the Mind in Pre-School

*Funding to support re-commitment to Professional Learning Communities

*Literacy professional development

*Cultural diversity and global awareness professional learning

Personnel Highlights

*Personnel to support educational inclusion

*Personnel to support additional course offerings at Brearley Middle-High School

*Restoration of Lead Teachers at Harding

*Staffing to support the Harding Innovative, Research & Design Space

*Supervisor of Guidance

*Staffing to allow K students to have physical education

Facilities and Technology Highlights

*Minimum of 4 additional touch screen Chromebook carts at Harding

*Minimum of 3 additional touch-screen Chromebook carts at Brearley Middle-High School

*Complete renovation of Brearley Middle-High School gymnasium

*Replacement of Brearley's 2nd Floor Hallway

*Replacement of Harding's Wheelchair lift