EAT Semester Exam

By Spenser Louise Davis

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Teaching/Training- Internship at W.A. Porter Elementary (2nd Grade)

Recreation- Birthday, Halloween and Christmas Parties

Appreciation- Teacher Gifts

Fundraising- Cookie Dough Sales

Leadership- Ambassador Program At BCTAL

Education Awareness- I plan to join in other activities throughout the year

Service- CANstruction

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Field Site Reflection

Even though I don't have many pictures with my kids. This probably has been my biggest obstacle. I have several children that have hearing aids and therefore I am faced with the question "How will I adapt to them". These kids have helped me determine even more that teaching is the guideline for me. In this picture we are doing stations and I have a head set on to accommodate to her terms.

My Future as a Teacher

I feel I have truly prepared myself with Mrs.Kallas' class. This is an amazing opportunity that I feel people that decide to go into the education world should have. So far to prepare for college I have taken the SAT. I'm planning to take ACT in the spring and retake the SAT in the fall of 2016. The colleges I have considered are University Of Michigan ,University of Minnesota and Albion College. My dream college is Albion College in Albion, Michigan. I plan to study education and minor in Sports Marketing.

This is the link to MY DREAM COLLEGE!! Below!

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