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Reminder to parents about morning drop off times:

Our doors are unlocked at 8:00am in the morning each day. As weather gets colder, please keep this in mind for when you drop your students off in the mornings. Thank you!
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Hello Ben Franklin Families! Join our PTA!

Join Ben Franklin Middle School PTA! Go to the Ben Franklin Website and click on Parent Teacher Association under the Quick Links. Our PTA meets every other month in the library at 5:30pm. Here are the dates:

Donate to Friends of Ben Franklin!

  • The Ben Franklin Middle School PTA sponsors students’ field trips, special events, teacher appreciation items, and special classroom needs requested by teachers and staff. In order to support these needs, we must raise funds annually. Normally, we sell magazines or other goods, and the BFMS PTA gets part of the money raised, while the rest of the funds go to the fundraising organization. This year, we decided to take a more direct approach and ask for direct donations through this new link on SchoolPay. By donating to Friends of Ben Franklin, you send money directly to the BFMS PTA to be used at Ben Franklin or for programs supported by the school and its PTA. There is no “middle man” – no third-party fundraising organization to pay. All of your donated money stays with the school!

    The BFMS PTA is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible. Check with your employer to see if they match non-profit donations to double the benefit of your donation.

    Donations to Friends of Ben Franklin will be accepted at any time throughout the year, and anyone can donate! You can find the links at the bottom of this page. The suggested donation amount is $10 per student, but please give as you are able. The small additional transaction fee at checkout comes from SchoolPay. Thank you for your help with this new program. Go, Wildcats!

  • To donate, go to

Fargo Public Schools 2020-21 Annual Report

As evidence of Fargo Public Schools’ commitment to our patrons, the FPS 2020-21 Annual Report is now available. It showcases the qualities and services of our school district and provides a wide array of information to familiarize families and the community with Fargo Public Schools. Report details include enrollment, staffing, and budget numbers. It also gives overviews of student services and student assessment data. Thank you for your continued support as we serve the citizens of Fargo by providing students an excellent educational experience. You can access the full document at this link.

For Our Sixth Grade Parents/Guardians... Student Progress Reports

6th grade parents,

6th grade classrooms are using a new system called Mastery Connect to report student progress. Our goal is to clearly communicate accurate information about the progress students are making toward grade level expectations in all courses. Thank you for your patience as we work through the inevitable challenges of implementing something new.

Parents can access their student’s ongoing progress by clicking the Mastery Tracker link from the student’s Canvas course. The Mastery Tracker link is not yet visible through the Canvas app, so you will need to use a web browser to view up-to-date progress. If you get an error message when accessing Mastery Tracker, please complete this form and we will fix it.

Open the attached handout or watch the video to learn more about how to access and interpret 6th grade student progress reports.

Canvas and PowerSchool and Mastery Connect...oh my!

Parents and Guardians have the ability to log in and check on their child's attendance, grades, and assignments (homework). The system used depends on the type of information they are looking for and the student's grade level.

Please see the Fargo Public Schools Technology Website for additional information.

Important Resources for Canvas for Parents/Guardians

Citizenship Test as a Requirement for Graduation

The North Dakota state legislature has passed HB 1087, requiring all students to demonstrate proficiency in civics as a requirement for high school graduation. The law states: “a student may take the test, in whole or in part, at any time after enrolling in grade seven and may repeat the test, or any portion thereof, as often as necessary to demonstrate proficiency.” Every middle school in the district will be offering that test to students in grade eight this year. The information on the civics test is closely related to the material covered in eighth grade social studies. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency (70% or above) will have the opportunity to take the test again at the high school. There is no penalty for taking the test multiple times and there is never a fee to take the test. The questions for the civics test are taken from the federal government’s Naturalization Test. If you have questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact one of our 8th grade history teachers. Jessica Rice 8-1 ( or Ryan Gravalin 8-2 (


Yearbook orders can be paid online in SchoolPay or by bringing cash or check to the main office. The cost is $15. To ensure that your student will receive a yearbook at the end of the year, it must be ordered and paid for in advance. The deadline for ordering a yearbook is Friday, February 11, 2022.

Please see the attachments below for an educational opportunity for students in grades 6-11 interested in the health professional field.


Research shows that attendance is the SINGLE most important factor in school success.

FIRST STEP: Always call or send a note when your student will not be in school.

  • A parent/guardian must call the attendance office to report a student absence by 9am. If no phone call is received, the student will need a signed note excusing them when they check in to attendance upon return.
  • Students coming to school after classes have begun or who are returning to school after an appointment, must stop at the Attendance Office for a return slip. They need a signed note to check in unless we have already received a phone call.
  • If you know in advance that your student will be absent, please send a signed note to attendance including student name, grade, date and time of absence, parent name and phone number and reason for absence.
  • Absence for family vacation- A note needs to be turned in to the Attendance office prior to the absence. Students must arrange for homework before the absence. The students is responsible for makeup when they return to school.

SECOND STEP: Early release passes

  • Students leaving during the day must pick up a release slip from the Attendance Office by 9am. Their signed note from home must include student name, grade, time of release, reason and phone number. Students will be excused to meet their ride at the time listed on the note. Parents do not need to enter the building.
  • Any absence not verified by phone or note will be considered unexcused.


Communicating with parents and families is always our goal at Ben Franklin Middle School.

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You may also want to add our school calendar to your personal calendar. This will help you stay informed about all the activities that are happening at Ben Franklin.

Ben Franklin Cycle Days Calendar

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Ben Franklin Main Office

Main Office - 446-3600

Shane Martin, Principal - 446-3604

Jennifer Olson, Assistant Principal - 446-3605

Cory Holten, Dean of Students/Activities Director - 446-3606

Jaime Dougherty, Administrative Assistant - 446-3607

Sue Berg, Office Assistant - 446-3608

Laura Jacobson, Activities Secretary - 446-3609


Ann Buerkley - 446-3610


Stacey Penoncello, Registrar/Secretary - 446-3611


Lannette Christmann (A-G) - 446-3612

Patti Bathie (H-N) - 446-3613

Sarah Klimek (O-Z) - 446-3614


Jamie Benson- Student Wellness & Family Facilitator - 446-3666


Officer Taylor Savageau, SRO - 446-3619


Ellen Sondreal, School Nurse - 446-3640


Shelly Kosienski - 446-3717

Ben Franklin Middle School

Shane Martin, Principal

Jennifer Olson, Assistant Principal

Cory Holten, Dean of Students/Activities Director